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Palestine / Israeli Conflict

There are many reports about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in western media but what is missing are (1) historical context and (2) truthful exposures about what is happening to the Palestinian people today. It is interesting to note that reports about what is really happening in Palestine are more readily available in Israel than in the US .  The true proof of the pro-Israel, biased agenda of main stream media is their lack of reporting of daily attrocities being committed against Palestinians by Israelis. Other independent media around the world report about these attrocities. Somehow information about that is deliberately kept from Americans.  While at the same time we are bombarded with consistent propaganda about Palestinian "suicide bombers" and "terrorists". Also how can Americans properly judge the situation in Palestine without a historical context? How can they continue to blindly support Israel without really knowing the truth about how their support is used by the Zionist state?  This section will present articles answering these questions and more.

When you are a Palestinian

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A poem by Shadi Abdul-Kareem
Translation by Nahida Exiled Palestinian

When you are a Palestinian 

You would need daily practice of hiding tears 

And swallowing huge chunk of wishes 

 Overflowing from your reality

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The "Sheikh of Al-Aqsa" Betrayal of Muslims!

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Twice I have been shocked lately , first by the Sheikh Ra’ed Salah; the Sheikh of al Aqsa -as he likes to be called- and second by a person called Laura , a new convert to Islam. In both cases the problem that I faced was none other than sectarian Islam and NGO . The notorious Sheikh Raed Salah had succeeded for many years in deceiving us by projecting the image of a committed person , a religious reference defending fiercely al Aqsa and rallying people for this cause all over the world ; the image of a passenger on the Mavi Marmara who exposed his life and was about to get killed , of a prisoner incarcerated constantly by Israelis. 

I feared for Sheikh Raed Salah , I feared for his life and for his freedom and considered him a symbol of the Resistance in the occupied Palestinian territory . Never the idea would have occurred to me that the Sheikh was a hired NGO, a person promoting –above all-his own self in order to sell his stands in the Turkish and Qatari markets at a the highest price. He had fallen even lower than Azmi Beshara, who had also defected from Palestine to Qatar to join the prince of Qatar and Sheikha Moza in their “dubious ” endeavors ; what an end for the leftist intellectual that he posed for!

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Who Killed Yasser Arafat?

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Now we know he was poisoned – but by whom?


Yasser Arafat died on November 11, 2004, of a mysterious ailment. His enemies spread the rumor he had AIDS: David Frum, with typical classiness, claimed he had contracted AIDS as a consequence of having sex with his bodyguards. Now, however, it has been revealed Arafat was poisoned: the cause of his death was exposure to very high levels of polonium-210 [pdf], a rare radioactive substance. An investigation conducted by Al Jazeera showed Arafat’s personal items, released to the media organization by his widow, contained several times the normal level of polonium that would normally be detected on such items. The Palestinian leader’s terminal symptoms were similar to those experienced by victims of polonium poisoning: the substance targets the gastrointestinal tract and the subject wastes away.

Arafat’s Ramallah compound had been bombed several times by the Israelis, and they had the place surrounded – yet still he persisted. They couldn’t get him out. Worse, his plight was becoming a metaphor for the condition of his people, who were – and still are – prisoners in their own land. A former adviser claimed he was poisoned by the Israelis, who detained the Palestinian ambulance used to deliver Arafat’s medications to the Ramallah compound. At the time, one tended to write this off as a purely polemical exercise: in light of the new evidence, however, the question has to be asked.

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My Beloved has Many Faces!

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In Palestine, I saw the most beautiful;

بياع باب العمود
Awestruck, I forget to ask his name
or even take his picture
But, if dignity has a name, it will be his
If purity has a form, it will be his eyes

He sold very few ka'ak كعك بسمسم that day
The leftover pile was hard and dry
Eager to sell, he said: "one shaykel each, instead of three"
"Give me four, please and keep the change" I said
"I cannot accept that, mama" he said
"Mama, I am your son, how do you want me to do that?" he said
"But you hardly sold anything, my son" perplexed I replied

"Allah is the Provider, don't worry mama;
We worry not, some days are good and others not;
But we're always grateful no matter what;
Welcome to Al-Quds, I am your son mama"
 he said with a heart-melting smile

Eyes moist, heart-wrenched, overwhelmed
Leaving my soul behind
I walked away

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Cast Iron Stomachs: The Beautiful Defiance Of Palestine’s Hunger Strikers

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"The unequivocal need to resist oppression is not a lifestyle adoption or a political transformation. It is an eternal symptom of the human condition." ~ Jonathan Azaziah
Thousands of Palestinians
are on hunger strike for 
their karameh: their dignity;
and they refuse to quit
until the Zionist occupation
grants them freedom.
I am in awe of you my sisters and brothers...

What is a nuclear-armed rogue regime...

Compared to your courage that is so pristine...

What is a gulag-type prisoncompared to yourmagnificent hunger...
I am in awe of you I repeat, like a child who lays his eyes on a shooting star for the first time...

You are leaders amongst a region of deceivers, you are dreamers amongst a legion of schemers, you are lions amongst liars of the occupier that persists in making every massacre it commits even more twisted than its last "worst crime"...

You are giants amongst ants, your will is an immovable object that shakes the earth to its core...

There are only a few struggles as worthy, righteous and determined as yours...

Expansionist monsters, never content with the land that they’ve conquered, they’re always yearning for more...

They cannot relate to your heroics because they’re soulless, their hearts are made of dirt and impure... 
While your very essence is made of the heavens’ shiniest levels... 

And the wondrousness of the martyrs who scoffed at the darkness that swallowed them, like lightning they struck the Zionist devils... 

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