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Economic and Political Intrigues

Economics and politics are two tools that have been used by the elite for world dominance and control. It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws". By gaining control of the economics of a nation, the government and political structure can also be controlled.  In the quest for world rule and dominance many political and economical events have been staged by the elites to lead them closer to their goal. The articles below exposes some of those events and intrigues.


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The "left" is false-opposition to mislead the poor and the "right" is false-opposition to mislead the middle-class.  Both the left and the right are controlled by the big financial interests whom the poor and the middle class would join in opposing if they were not divided by the left-right deception.  We see this clearly in the way the left has betrayed the people of Greece.’


Well sadly looks like Tsipras has sold himself to the evil Troika and will renege on his promises to his people. He was certainly set up and as the Troika anticipate, he will be forced out by  betrayed protestors.  Tsipras shamefully lost his opportunity, his MANDATE from the Greek People to free themselves from the EU/IMF stranglehold and exit the EU, independent and he couldhav struck a great alternative deal with Russia and China. But this stupid obsession to stay within Europe, be part of Europe, the White Man’s exclusive Club will be Greece’s demise and Tsipras’s downfall as he vainly courts favour with Germany /Troika!! WHAT A precious lost opportunity

Alexis Tsipras reshuffles cabinet to get rid of bailout dissidents:

The Greek prime minister has sought to rid his government of hardline leftists who oppose further austerity, reshuffling his cabinet barely 48 hours after dissidents broke ranks over a draconian bailout deal for the debt-stricken country.

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If the Yes vote is pushed through by the EU/IMF financial thugs, Greeks will suffer greater hardship and through incessant debt, their country will be owned lock stock and barrel by this Financial Mafia Cartel.

If the Yes vote is installed, Tsipras and his Government should not resign and in fact should ask Russia and China for financial help- That would be a wonderful slap in the face of the IMF/EU gang.

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Media's Deafening Silence Over West's and Israel's Alliance With al-Qaeda in Syria!

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May 28, 2015 "Information Clearing House" -  The strange and strategic alliances of Middle East geopolitics never seems to surprise. But care to suggest that the West and Israel are in deep cahoots with al-Qaeda in Syria and expect a sharper look of incredulity.   

Yet, two vital new articles now fully illuminate this very reality.

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NEWS DIGEST: Ukraine/Rusisia-Eternal shame to America

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The price of empire is America's soul, and that price is too high."  - Sen. J. William Fulbright


"The United States has entered the ranks of the failed states. One of the most remarkable manifestations of a failed state is that the criminals are all inside the government operating against the people, whereas in a normal state, the criminals are on the outside of the government, operating against it. So, we now have every manifestation of being a failed state, with the government in the hands of a few Wall Street gangsters." - Paul Craig Roberts


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Obama phones Netanyahu on Iran

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Editor's Note: You can clearly see that both left and right factions of Jewish power want to hurt Iran, but they are having a gang war over how it should be done. You can see how Obama’s entire rationale is not at all pro-Iran or anti-Israel as is alleged. Obama loves Israel and is tasked with rescuing the Zionist project from Netanyahu’s Armageddon-loving clutches.

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President Obama phoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from Air Force One on Thursday to discuss the nuclear deal with Iran, the White House said. 

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