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This section will feature articles that are news worthy and not normally reported by the main stream media. Articles of a positive nature as well as articles addressing negative issues that our media hides from public view will be included in this section. It is our hope that readers of this section will become well informed by the news worthy articles presented here.

First Muslim To Become World Champion of Public Speaking!

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Overcoming all obstacles

“Greatness is not measured by looking at where you are today. Greatness is measured by looking at where you came from to get to where you are. The bigger the delta, the greater the person.”

Mohammed A. Al Qahtani, a business systems analyst working as a Security Engineer at Saudi Aramco, who overcame significant speech difficulties as a child, became the first Muslim to win the World Championship in Public Speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the U.S. on Aug. 15.

He competed against 30,000 participants from about 100 countries after several elimination rounds that began six months ago. The Aramcon earned top honors in the world for his speech "The Power of Words" at the annual World Toastmaster's Convention. The organization has more than 313,000 memberships in more than 14,650 clubs in 126 countries. The championship is the highest level of speech competition in Toastmasters, and his victory in the contest is the first time an Arab has won this title in the 84 year existence of annual world competitions for the organization.

Al Qahtani represented District 79, which comprises 243 clubs in all of Saudi Arabia, and he faced off against national champions representing various nations from around the world in an effort to be named the world champion of public speaking...!

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Tribute To Michael Collins Piper!

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A Tribute To Michael Collins Piper, 'Giant Among Giants'!

Resident genius Jonathan Azaziah makes his much-anticipated return to the TUT airwaves with a special program dedicated to our recently fallen brother MCP, discussing what Mike meant to our movement as well as what he meant to the world overall, his epic body of work, the malicious disinformation surrounding his death and the dark place he was in just prior to his passing, as a warning to all of us not to fall into the same traps of our enemies. Sometimes heartrending and melancholy, sometimes angry but always heartfelt, educational and brilliant, but above all, a must listen.
MCP would be proud...

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Obama boasts ‘I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat’ in the Oval Office

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Editor's note–The irony is that there are some who believe that Obama is a secret Muslim with allegiance to Muslim causes. His statement about being "the closest thing to a Jew in the oval office" as well as "Obama to U.S. Jews: My administration has done more than any other to support Israel" along with his unconditional support for Israel shows where his real allegiance is.  If any candidate for any office boasted that he or she was ‘the closest thing to a Muslim that has ever sat in such-and-such office’, the JMSM (and especially the right-wingers) would be screaming like 6 month old babies who just dirtied their diapers. Furthermore, if indeed–as ADL and other organized Jewish groups fanatically and disingenuously maintain–that Jews have no more influence over the government, media, finance, etc, then why is there this obvious attempt on the part of SO MANY people, including the President himself–to pander to these people and make it appear as though he is in ‘their camp’ on all issues and at all times?

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Anthony Lawson Is Dead!: In Memory Of Anthony Lawson....

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Anthony Lawson Is Dead!: In Memory Of Anthony Lawson....

I just received some very shocking news today that Anthony Lawson, who's fabulous videos I have been promoting at this blog site, passed away on January 8th, of this year due to Colon Cancer.... It was indeed a shock, and again I only found out about his passing away just today!
I want to present the following video that comes courtesy of Anthony Lawson's son, and is a touching tribute to a man that I personally think was truly one of the real heroes in this entire real 'truth movement'... I have that video right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

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It’s soooo much in the news these days, isn’t it, that 3-letter word, and especially in keeping the present anti-Islamic inferno fanned to near-apocalyptic temperatures…

72 virgins…Child brides in Gaza…Female circumcision…Mohammed the pedophile…

Sound familiar?…If not, it certainly should, given the fact that as a people we are gang-banged with it on a daily basis by Jewish interests who own and control the media.

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