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An Auschwitz for Arabs

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An Auschwitz for Arabs

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The Auschwitz bandwagon has rolled onto our television and Internet screens and newspaper front pages once again. It never actually leaves, so perhaps it is more accurate to say that this week it is more present than usual.
You don’t believe we’re ruled by halacha (Talmudic law)? In that case, how is it that whatever befalls The Holy People of Counterfeit “Israel” is branded the supreme evil of the cosmos, and whatever happens to the eternally skimmed (we the goyim), counts for slightly less than nothing?
You never heard of it, correct? Why is that? It was a torture camp; a death camp paid for in part with American taxpayer money. But you know nothing of it. Israeli allies under Israeli direction killed and tortured the Lebanese in that El Khiam concentration camp. All of the victims were goyim, not Holy People. Now do you understand why El Khiam is unsung and unknown?
El Khiam was liberated by Hezbollah, the people Americans are taught to hate because they are the only formidable armed resistance against Israeli conquest and land theft in the Middle East. Unlike Sunni Saudi Arabia which is allied with the Israelis, Shiite Hezbollah has not cut a deal with the US or the Israelis. This is why Assad in Syria and the government of Iran are attacked and sanctioned -- they are the principal, and practically the only significant allies of Hezbollah.
“Saudi Arabian interests and Israel are almost parallel,” says Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. “He notes the startling alliance of Saudi Arabia and the Jewish state.” (Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2013, p. A11). 
“...the kingdom now supports Islamist rebels in Syria who often fight alongside Qaeda groups like the Nusra Front. The Saudis say they have little choice...they believe they must now back whoever can help them defeat Mr. Assad’s forces and his Iranian allies.” (New York Times, January 5, 2014, p. A10).
Saudi Arabia, which maintains a compact with its clerics who furnish the murderous Wahhabist-Salafist theology which drives ISIS and al-Qaeda, is our precious “ally,” while Hezbollah, Iran and Assad’s Syria we are taught to hate, sanction and prepare to do war with.
We are seeing the makings of another war unfolding this week, which the Israelis are instigating in league with their covert Saudi-based Wahhabist-Salafist Sunni terrorist allies; a war intended to finish off Assad, the protector of the Christian population in Syria, and in Lebanon to “mow the lawn” (an Israeli euphemism for periodic massacres of Arab civilians so as to tame these lesser humans).
Here’s how it’s playing out as we write these words: nine days ago the Israeli military bombed a convoy in Syria’s Golan Heights. The bombs killed five members of Hezbollah, including the son of the group’s former military commander, Imad Mughniyeh, and an Iranian general. The Israeli government justified the unprovoked attack on Syrian land by claiming, on no evidence, that Hezbollah and its Iranian allies “had been building an infrastructure in the Syrian Golan Heights with which to attack Israel.” The NY Times and other controlled media published this alibi without skepticism and without publishing any comment from Syria, Iran or Hezbollah as a counter to it. The Israelis issue the pretext for their violence and all people who think correct" thoughts are obligated to believe it’s true.
Today, Jan. 28, in retaliation for the Israeli attack (although the mainstream media will not patently report it as retaliation), Hezbollah struck an Israeli convoy, with the difference being that whereas the US media published almost no photos of the Israeli attack nine days ago, today graphic and grisly photos of the wounded Israelis and the wreckage of their vehicles are plastered all over the US media.
To summarize, the Israelis launched an unprovoked bombing raid on Syria, killing Hezbollah personnel and an Iranian general. When representatives of those victims fight back, we have the situation today, as decreed by “our” media: “Hezbollah launches attack on Israel.”
One envisions the shaking heads and indignation of all of those millions of Fox News habitués and “American Sniper” movie viewers, who are thinking, “Those damned Arabs are at it again! Go Israel!”
With an Israeli national election weeks away, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was anxious to initiate a tit-for-tat exchange with Hezbollah which he knew the US media would suggest was “an act of Arab terror,” which in turn provides Netanyahu the opportunity to gain more popularity with the generally bloodthirsty Israeli electorate by sparking a war with Lebanon and Syria. 
All this might very well precipitate another genocidal Israeli “lawn mowing” of Lebanese civilians (last witnessed in 2006), and the opportunity to further assist the al-Qaeda connected Nusra front in Syria in finally crushing the Syrian-Christian population’s ally, Assad, and instituting Nusra’s Sharia law in Syria, which Right wing Republicans claim to oppose in the US but support in Syria -- by means of their Israeli-approved goal of overthrowing Assad.
According to a statement on his Facebook page, Russian-Judaic Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, stated that “Israel” should respond to Hezbollah’s retaliation, “in a very harsh and disproportionate manner.” 
We’ll wager that Lieberman’s advocacy of a “disproportionate” attack is a reference to his goal of another massacre of Lebanese. Lieberman’s political ally, Ayelet Shaked, a member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament), spelled it out: “bombing a civilian population is justified when civilians give shelter to evil” (Jewish Daily Forward, Jan. 26, 2015).
“Evil” in this context signifies any goy who raises his head against Israeli occupation and mass murder. 
Israelis have a license to kill Arabs. They can “Auschwitz” them as much as they like, on this, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.
Michael Hoffman’s counter-intelligence briefings are made by possible by donations from readers


#1 Not MuslimsMaisoon 2015-01-29 03:27
Hello Michael

I hope my email finds you in good health.

There is something I would like to correct on and that is that present day Saudi Arabia ruled by the House of Saud, are NOT SUNNI Muslims at all but belong to the Wahabi Cult, a Tribe that originally stem from the Jews of Arabia - the very Jewish Tribe that persecuted Prophet Mohammad, pbuh, and his family/Companions.

They are NOT SUNNIS and do not practice Islam according to God's Teachings or our Prophet's[pbuh] principles.

Like the Jews, the Wahabis are a LAW unto themselves who see their Obscene wealth, wealth which belongs to The people and usurped by this very corrupt sadistic Wahabi tyrannical Tribe, as something only They are entitled to.

Wahabis do NOT represent me as a Sunni Muslim in any shape or form and their so called religious ideologies are ALIEN to Islam, to the Holy Quran. and it is very disingenuous for anyone to keep attacking and labelling ALL Sunnis because of the Evil Actions of the Judaic Wahabi Tribe who since the 1920s have continued to collaborate with World Zionist Jewry and the Colonialists within UK/ and USA. It is almost tantamount to labelling all Catholics as Paedophiles/Child Abusers.

Wahabis ARE NOT SUNNIS but an anathema- a Cult of their own making

I am so sick to death of people in the Media, Analysts and on The Net always referring to them as being the true representation of my Sunni Sect which is so far from historical truth and practice. They usurped Arabia just as they have hijacked Islam and in fact are assisting their fellow Judaics in destroying Islamic History throughout Makkah and Medina and throughout the Middle East, destroying the history of Our Prophet and all his family throughout Arabia - Our heritage being replaced by Western Hotels, businesses owned by Jews etc. They even have plans to destroy Mount Arafat which has religious importance to Muslims worldwide just as Jerusalem does . They have done or said NOTHING to stop Israelis JUDAIZING Jerusalem. Instead they are collaborating with the Talmudists to destroy Islam and its Nations, funding Israeli Terrorism and Wars against Arabs. THIS is NOT the religious Duty of Righteous Sunnis

Saudi Wahabi Tribe are an offence to ALL Islam, an affront to Sunnis worldwide and blaspheme against The Holy Quran and our Islamic Prophet.

Wahabis, like the Talmudists and their Christian Zionist Buddies are ALL False 'Prophets' and Hypocrites- None representing the moral religious and ethical values of their original Faith/Belief System. As in the case of Catholics, The Zionist Pope today does not represent the ancient church of Christ. Wahabis do not speak for Sunnis or Shia, or for all Muslims and we need to purge these Bastards form our Islamic Nation which they have helped to demonise, insult and blaspheme against.

Indeed they may' thrive' in some Sunni Nations like corrupt Zionist Egypt and corrupt Zionist Pakistan, amongst the higher echelons, but that does not give them legitimacy as Sunni Muslims or represent Islam in its pure form or all Muslims within these countries [such as the equally corrupt and offensive UAE]..

Palestinians are Sunnis but they do not practice the distorted ideologies of this CULT - they are Blasphemers and I also include the British created Freemasonic Leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood who have also deviated from Islam -True Islam cannot make room for Freemasonry- such practices are forbidden, Haram, seen as unholy such as is the Wahabis

Like I said, THEY ARE A CULT, which have hijacked Islam and exported it. just as there are Christian Cults which have hijacked the Church of Christ but which do not represent Christianity, do not represent Jesus Christ ,pbuh. That does not make them a 'Christian' Nation, just as the Judaics in occupied Palestine are not real Jews though they purport to be and want us all to accept their 'Israel for Jews only' mantra.

Talmudists and Wahabis are USURPERS, Hypocrites, unholy Hijackers of the true Religions- Period

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