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NEWS DIGEST: Russia finds signs of militant gas attacks in Syria

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  Maisoon  ميسون [Arabic]                                          kevin-barrett-show



How the Arab World Is Taking Trump’s Victory

As for Barack Obama that is going to leave office pretty soon, it’s hardly a secret that local media sources were criticizing his policies in strong language. “Obama’s legacy in the Middle East — is a complete disaster, as theconflict in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya continue, while being unaddressed.” Al Jazeera would often write, quoting a speech delivered by the famous professor of international affairs at Harvard, Stephen Walt. Terrorist attacks are shaking Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, while the situation in Palestine remains unclear, since the prospects of an actual settlement between Israelis and Palestinians are becoming increasingly remote. The steps that the US has taken in Libya and Yemen have led to their complete collapse as states. At the same time, all Obama ever did was to repeat his mantra that “Assad should leave”, which only aggravated the war in Syria. The only achievement that Obama can somehow put on his scoreboard — is the the Iran nuclear deal.


Taliban call on Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan:

"Our message is that the Americans should draft a policy not to take away the independence and sovereignty of other nations. Most importantly they should withdraw all their troops from Afghanistan,"




Assad Adviser Says We Are In A Time That Will Determine The Future Of The World

By Brandon Turbeville

As the war in Syria continues to rage on, it is becoming more and more obvious that the battle taking place is about much more than Syria as a country. In this place, the cradle of civilization, there are now two warring ideologies. One that demands total fealty and the absence of all dissent, and one that believes a nation’s people should decide for themselves the direction of their country. One ideology wants to force its hegemonic world system upon all other nations, and the other contends that nations should choose their own direction.


This is not to argue perfection on the part of Syria or Russia by any means. But it is a reality nonetheless...

I hope and pray for Syrian Army success and hope they purge their country of this USSRAELI MENACE hat has destroyed their country and their people. May God bless and protect them in their endeavours

Syrian troops begin mopping-up operation on western outskirts of Aleppo

Syrian troops have regained control of no less than ten buildings in the Dahiyat al-Assad district on the outskirts of Aleppo (360 kilometers from Damascus). According to the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen network, the military has been conducting a mopping-up operation in the quarters previously seized by the militants. The network says the government forces have been rapidly advancing towards the neighboring Rashideen-4 district that remains the last militant stronghold in the western part of the city.


AMERICA is INTENTIONALLY KILLING ARAB CITIZENS, MUSLIM CITIZENS  in SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and YEMEN- it is NOT accidental, an error or collateral damage but INTENTIONAL and frankly I have had enough of the bull excuses we get from USARSRAEL. They want to decimate the ARAB Population

US-led airstrike kills at least 20 civilians:
A human rights monitor said Wednesday that an American airstrike has killed at least 20 civilians in Al-Heisha. The attack hit near Raqqa, the de facto capital of the so called "Islamic State."

Russian source says US airstrikes in Syria, Iraq killed thousands, not 64:

Washington belittles the number of civilians killed in the US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, a source in Russia's defense ministry said on Thursday, commenting on the recent statement of US Central Command spokesman John Thomas.


Russia finds signs of militant gas attacks in Syria






As the U.S. Presidential selection circus draws to a close, the United States and Turkey have announced a new plan to defeat ISIS, the same terrorist organization both countries have created, funded, armed, and facilitated, in Syria. The plan revolves around the conquering, occupation, and governing of sovereign Syrian territory in the East, most notably Raqqa.

According to the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, after meeting with his Turkish counterpart, that “The coalition and Turkey will work together on the long-term plan for seizing, holding and governing Raqqa.”

 The Iraqi Government is still under the control and occupation of USSRAEL and does as it is told. It is a government of COLLABORATORS

Amnesty says Iraqi police tortured, killed civilians south of Mosul:
Amnesty International said on Thursday that Iraqi government forces tortured and killed villagers south of Mosul, the first such report of alleged rights abuse in a U.S.-backed campaign to retake the city from Islamic State.


UK royals’ visit ‘whitewash’ of Bahrain crimes


'UK reviving imperial system with Bahrain base' 



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