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As it is well-known and well-despised at this point, there has been a tsunami of #FakeNews on Aleppo ever since the Syrian Arab Army announced the ancient city’s official liberation. But since this hasbara campaign has thankfully gone to hell in a handbasket, World Zionism has pulled the last rabbit out of its lice-ridden black hat in a farfetched attempt to change the tide of its increasingly large defeat: Hollywood celebrities! These are personalities who command attention and wield influence in spite of the fact that they know as much about Syria and the geopolitics surrounding it as they know about how to successfully treat Stage V nephroblastoma.

Why celebrities? Because after dumbing down the masses into “Goyim” over the last century, the Mainstream Media Monopoly has converted the population’s brains into the size of peas who respond viscerally to anything with a celebrity’s face plastered on it. As the Tinseltown-running Jewish executives’ saying goes, “What celebs do, the plebs do.” And upon the solidification of Halab’s freedom, a flurry of “do-gooder-do-something”, narcissistic, ultra-liberal Hollywood stalwarts crawled out from their paparazzi-proof fortresses to open up their uninformed yaps about a “genocide” in eastern Aleppo that was (and is) only unfolding in the warped minds of Western “journalists”, NATO regimes and GCC monarchies.

Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat as their weapons of choice, Kabbalistic succubus Madonna, House Arab Bella Hadid, House Negro Naomi Campbell, House Indian Priyanka Chopra (Quantico), “world-renowned” Zionist Jew singer/actress Bette Midler, Pink, Chloe Bennett (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Jessica Chastain (Interstellar), Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals), Wesley Snipes (White Men Can’t Jump), degenerate dynasts Khloe Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Sophia Bush (Chicago PD and One Tree Hill), Jewish fashion designer Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, Connie Britton (Nashville and Friday Night Lights), Tyler Blackburn and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Camilla Luddington (Grey’s Anatomy), Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), long-time neoliberal meddler Mia Farrow and even Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Varun Dhawan and Tamanaah Bhatia of Bollywood–Hollywood’s Indian cousin which has never had a problem working with the US regime to further the Zio-Imperialist agenda against our region and Islam (see Hisham Aidi’s important albeit problematic book “Rebel Music”)–all joined the Zionist media’s #FakeNews cacophony against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Nearly everyone mentioned here fallaciously waxed lyrical about their hearts breaking, their souls burning, their stomachs turning, their eyes watering and their hands trembling because “SOMETHING JUST NEEDS TO BE DONE” about “Assad; butcher, monster”, to use the aforementioned Judaic pythonness Bette Midler’s unhinged words. They also called for donations to Doctors Without Borders, an integral cog in the hasbara machine’s assault on Syria in spite of the fact that the American ZOG has bombed their hospitals in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia has eviscerated their clinics in Yemen repeatedly, as well as other US-funded NGOs and “Syrian” charities which are nothing but fronts for head-chopping Takfiri terrorists. Some even called for the backing of warmongering madwoman Samantha Power’s resolutions at the UN which have WW3 written all over them. Each of these celebs is following in the footsteps of ‘Israeli’ occupier Natalie Portman along with “humanitarian intervention” poster-witch and refugee baby thief Angelina Jolie, both of whom have been at the forefront of the propaganda war on Syria going back to the earliest days of the “revolution”.

Going beyond the mere fact that Jews are the owners and controllers of Hollywood from head to heel, many of these Jews are “Israelis” with intimate ties to the usurping entity putrefying Palestine and they have a large swathe of influence within the movie-making Talmudic enclave. Hollywood has been a front for ‘Israeli’ nuclear-smuggling and gun-running–Arnon Milchan is STILL Mossad and Lakam– and has used films, television, music videos and other entertainment outlets to propagandize against the enemies of the artificial Jewish “state” since time immemorial, from Syria to Sudan, Iran to Palestine, Iraq to Afghanistan, Putin’s Russia to Islam and Christianity themselves. To simplify, a Zionist scheme is always at work in Hollywood. Bette Midler, Pink and Rozenweig are all part of the “chosenite” clan of chaos, so their role in the fresh blitz against Syria is expected. Every other individual however is a coward without the slightest shred of dignity. For they really have no idea what they’re doing or what they’re talking about but are going along for the ride anyway because any rejection of the Jewish-‘Israeli’ agenda is grounds for career suicide. Just ask Mel Gibson, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Vanessa Redgrave.

Thus it should come as no astonishment that not one of these “concerned” and “heartbroken” movie and music stars masquerading as “humanitarians” took to social media in blatantly organized info-offensives for Gaza in ’14, ’12 and ’08-’09 when the occupying Jewish tumor was butchering Palestinian men, women and children en masse. They’ve been out to lunch since March 26th, 2015 when Saudi Arabia–that paragon of modernity, women’s rights, religious tolerance and democracy–unleashed genocide on Yemen and as of this moment continues starving millions of Yemenis to death via a US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed siege while slaughtering thousands more from the air in Western-supplied warplanes. They didn’t even know Libya existed when their darlings Obama and Hillary Clinton were bombing Africa’s wealthiest nation with the best human rights record back to the era before man walked the Earth.

Never did these egocentric halfwits raise their voice for Ukraine, where anyone who speaks Russian or is even PERCEIVED as Russian puts his or her life in his or her hands, all thanks to a CIA-orchestrated coup that made Russophobia national policy and gave free rein to Neo-Nazi death squads funded by Jewish gangster billionaires Kolomoisky, Poroshenko and Pinchuk. And yes, bringing it back to where we began, all these celebs doing the dirty work of World Zionism and telling lies about Aleppo as of this moment couldn’t even find Syria on a map last week. They are hideously oblivious to the torment and oppression that hordes of Wahhabi mercenaries, backed limitlessly by the US-‘Israeli’ Empire, have brought upon the heads of the Syrian people… Especially in West Aleppo, which apparently is imaginary to these buffoons. Yes, this is indeed actual MSM and Hollywood policy: Fabricate crimes committed by the Syrian Arab Army while actively covering up the very real atrocities carried out by Zio-NATO’s terrorists.

In the final analysis, it should really go without saying that if Jewish Hollywood and its “Shabbos Goy” stooges are telling you that there’s a “genocide” going on, then what’s really meant by their snake-tongued language is that a US-led “regime change” operation is fully engaged. And if Jewish Hollywood and its “Shabbos Goy” stooges are condemning a particular country, a particular leader and a particular army, i.e. the Syrian Arab Republic, President Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the SAA, then what should really be condemned are the individuals agitating and waging war against the aforesaid nation, head of state and national military, meaning the Wahhabi-Takfiri maniacs who Hollywood still wants you to believe are “civilians” and “democratic freedom fighters”.

The “rebels” failed to maintain their criminal hold over Syria’s second city. The Zionist media failed to disseminate its propaganda to any effect on behalf of the “rebels”. And Hollywood’s last-ditch hasbara pitch will fail as well. #FakeNews from “easy on the eyes” celebrities with fake tears and fake slogans aren’t going to cut it. Bilad al-Sham’s fate is being determined on the battlefield by the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah, Liwa Al-Quds, the Iraqi Resistance, Iran and Russia, not on TV screens and social media platforms. The Takfiris and their Zio-Imperialist backers need to face the music already: Aleppo is liberated. By this time next year, all of Syria will know the sweetness of HOURIYEH (freedom) too. And there ain’t a damn thing that the Madonnas, Bette Midlers, Bella Hadids, Priyanka Chopras, Mia Farrows and parasitic Jewish film-studio heads of the world can do about it. #LongLiveSyria #AleppoVictory #DeathToFakeNews



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