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Long live the Syrian Arab Republic! It’s official now, signed, sealed and delivered! Aleppo is liberated and 100% Takfiri-mercenary-free! Hell of a thing, this victory! Hell of a thing! It was early Monday evening when the infinitely heroic soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army made the announcement, declaring their total victory to the world. As emotional as the footage, photographs and news reports were last week when the triumph in Aleppo first came to light, the vids and pics in the last 72 hours have been nothing short of supernatural. Men, women, children, the elderly and even disabled persons, who had lived under the unspeakable conditions of terrorist occupation for nearly five years, were crying tears of elation, singing, dancing and chanting, “ALLAH (SWT), Souria, Bashar w bas (God, Syria, Bashar and nothing else)!”

The warriors of the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah, Syrian-Palestinian paramilitary group Liwa Al-Quds and Iraqi moujahideen carried old women on their backs to safety. Russian forces distributed food, water and medicine to civilians who hadn’t seen any of these basic necessities in months, even years, due to the Wahhabi gangs’ criminal hording of humanitarian aid. Sunni Sufis, who were lashed, tortured and beheaded by Al-Qaeda groups, performed their whirling rituals in the liberated district of Hanano for the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W.W.) birthday. SAA soldiers stood defiantly in the Great (Umayyad) Mosque mocking Mad Takfiri Tyrant Erdogan, who said he’d pray there one day upon Assad’s fall. And speaking of that, the crown atop it all, Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who World Zionism and its marionettes, including the aforementioned Erdogan, have been working to overthrow since March 15th, 2011, traveled to Halab to bow his head in humbleness and salute the soldiers who freed Syria’s second city. Yes, it really and truly is one hell of a thing.

And how the win came to be is just breathtaking. Last week, a Russian-Turkish agreement was forged for the “rebels” in to leave the 9 remaining districts of Aleppo under their control and head to Idleb. These terrorists however, being the proxies of the Zionist Jews that they are, broke this agreement and vowed to idiotically keep fighting . Subsequently, the Syrian Arab Army and Russia paused all military operations to open up a (real) humanitarian corridor to allow the final 8,000 Syrian civilians still being held hostage by the Takfiri filth to escape. Panic and disappointment surged among pro-government activists’ ranks that we jumped the gun, that we prematurely cried victory, that we were heading for another stall on what is supposed to be the most gargantuan achievement of the war and the death-knell for the entire conspiracy. But this was indeed just a pause, not another nonsensical “ceasefire”. Russia was not giving Western powers a last, last, LAST “last chance” to surrender, nor was Syria. They wanted to finish the job. Victory belongs to the Resistance Axis and Moscow!

Liwa Al-Quds called in reinforcements down from Handarat Camp, Iraq’s Kata’ib Hizbullah and Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba called up more fighters who were stationed in the southern Aleppo countryside and the Syrian Arab Army alongside the Lebanese Islamic Resistance led the way. The Resistance Axis troops stormed into Sheikh Sa’eed, perhaps the most strategic district in all of Aleppo, not merely the east, as it represents the southern gateway of the entire city, and FINALLY freed it once and for all after seeing the key area change hands numerous times over the past year. This was the equivalent of breaking down prison walls as it opened up paths to six of the remaining eight districts: Kalaseh, Salahuddine, Karm al-Daada, Zibdiyah, Mash-had (the hometown of the imaginary “last clown of Aleppo”) and Ansari. Each of these regions fell with ease as dozens upon dozens of Jabhat al-Nusra head-choppers were sent back to their homeland in Jahhanam. Hundreds more surrendered. Now, only Sukkari and Bustan al-Qasr remained on the east Aleppo map. Again, Turkey contacted Russia, as did the Washington ZOG, trying to save their precious and pathetic terrorist vassals. Again, agreements were laid out. And again, the “rebels” backed out and chose to fight onward. Stubborn Wahhabi Neanderthals.

This would prove to be the last stand of the women-caging, suicide-bombing, grave-digging “moderates” as they were outgunned, outmanned and out-faithed too. By early Tuesday morning, the SAA and Hizbullah, unified in a single formation of power and resistance, plowed through Bustan al-Qasr and Sukkari like a wrecking ball, inflicting heavy losses on the humiliated “rebels” and delivering the final blow to the “revolution” in Aleppo. The terrorists were defeated. The Green Buses of the Syrian Arab Army came through as promised, picked up the surrendering Takfiriyeen and transported them to Idlib. Further confirmations of Syria’s epic victory were released by Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The celebrations continue now, and in greater size. Books will be written about what took place in Halab. Films will be made. No doubt that the party has only just begun after half a decade of Saudi-Zionist-style Wahhabi occupation. And the experience gained by Resistance Axis forces in this battle, most especially Hizbullah, will prove invaluable in future conflicts with the US regime and ‘Israel’.

Enter #FakeNews, the Zionist media’s codeword for dismissing anything and everything that doesn’t fit its hegemonic narrative. This of course is particularly ironic because most of the stories that mainstream outlets refer to as #FakeNews, whether it’s the pedophilia scandal involving Democrat “elites” known as PizzaGate or anything Anti-Zionist and Anti-Imperialist generally, is actually REAL NEWS. It is the lascivious liars of Jewish-controlled corporate media in fact who are the #FakeNews makers; the kings, queens, princes, princesses and disseminators of it. From the Gulf of Tonkin incident to “revolutionary” Contras, to Al-Qaeda “freedom fighters” to incubator babies in Iraq, Mossad’s false flag on 9/11 to make-believe Iranian nukes all the way up to the “Arab Spring”, Libya specifically, nobody does #FakeNews like the Zionist media. Aleppo though, has to top the list in spades. Post-liberation, it has been an absolute frenzy. The MSM’s true face, it’s disgusting core nature, as a Disinformation Hive Mind, has been on full, hideous display.

From the moment the SAA made Halab’s freedom official, The Guardian, the New York Times, Reuters, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, AFP, Al-Jazeera, Al-Hayat, Al-Arabiya, Anadolu and more have been having a total meltdown. “No one is safe”, they cried out, “we’re about to die”, they quoted fake residents as saying, the “slaughter of Aleppo” they called it, “atrocities in Aleppo” as “the regime” and the “Russians” and “Iranian sectarian death squads” burned, maimed and raped people, they shrieked, “death” and “apocalypse” and “holocausts” and “trapped babies” and it gets more nauseating as it goes along. In the most utterly reprehensible piece of all, from the Daily Beast, owned by Jewish-Zionist “royals” IAC and the Harman family, “Women in Aleppo Choose Suicide Over Rape, Rebels Report”. All of it unverified, but all of it shamelessly published ever-still.

On social media, it was even worse. A terror-sympathizer on Twitter shared a still from one of Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji’s music videos and said it was a photo of a little Syrian girl running for her life in Aleppo, to the tune of hundreds of shares. Qatari-funded Middle East Eye writer C.J. Werleman tweeted out this beauty, “Families are seeking spiritual advice on whether it’s permissible to kill themselves & kids instead of Assad regime killing them”. Daniel Nisman, rabid Zionist propagandist and head of the Levantine Group, an ‘Israeli’ think tank–as if there’s anything “Levantine” about corroded Jewish supremacist squatters–sent out a series of tweets about Hizbullah massacring hundreds of civilians in Aleppo while simultaneously admitting he has zero evidence of his claim. And the pro-“revolution” crowd which somehow still exists–petrodollar-funded delusions are hard to shake, I suppose–were at all-systems-go, taking the Zionist media’s sensationalist propaganda to newfound peaks and back again, just barely stopping short of accusing “Hitler al-Souri’s army” of marching “6 million Syrians” into “gas chambers”. Saudis, Jews, Sorosites and Takfiris of all stripes working together to smear Syria with the vilest hasbara imaginable. Quaint as quaint can be, isn’t it?

And all of this mentalcase material comes in spite of thousands of on-the-ground, verified videos, news clips and reports from Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Russian, Iraqi and Yemeni media showing what the SAA and its allies are REALLY doing, i.e. saving civilians, returning families to their homes, fighting terrorism and freeing the city. But ignoring these truths to publish completely manufactured–let’s call it what it is–BULLSHIT somehow passes for “journalism” whilst they refer to the steadfast activists, intellectuals and artists debunking their fallacies as “trolls” and “stooges” of Damascus and Moscow? Sickening! Just vomit-inducing hypocrisy!

The Zionist media and its Facebook/Twitter auxiliaries aren’t simply disseminating malicious #FakeNews in one more warmongering attempt to justify a NATO attack on Syria, they’re operating in a parallel universe. Everything that they “report” about vis-a-vis Aleppo has no basis in any verifiable plane of reality but yet they think it does. And they speak of the dangers of “the Assad regime”, Putin, Iran and Hizbullah? Please. There is nothing more dangerous on God’s Green Earth than mainstream “news” organizations, and that’s now more undeniable than ever after this blitz of balderdash on Halab. And just as a matter of clarity, all of this falsification launched by the MSM was solely done because the Zio-Imperialists cannot fathom the fact that they were beaten. Their “chosenite” arrogance physically prevents them from accepting defeat and since they’ve perished on the battlefield, they’re lashing out with the only means they have left at their disposal, their global media apparatus. Despicable, of course, but it’s nevertheless exceptionally pathetic.

So as upsetting as all this monstrously absurd hasbara is, we can take solace, real SOOTHING solace, in the fact that Aleppo is officially liberated, Empire Judaica lost, and everything that the enemies of humanity are pumping out, amounts, pretty much, to the whining of spoiled schoolchildren. And while there will certainly (and unfortunately) be similar propaganda onslaughts for the upcoming operations to free Raqqa and Idlib, nothing is going to compare to that of Aleppo for the simple reason that Aleppo is the big one; Aleppo is what will define the remainder of the combat operations in Syria; Aleppo, like Hizbullah’s victories in Al-Qusayr and the Qalamoun Mountains, buries a lifeline that the terrorists couldn’t afford to lose.

Aleppo is the chop in the throat to ‘Israel’, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the American regime and the knife in their guts. Aleppo is everything. The battles that are left, compared to the hell endured by Aleppo, its people and those who liberated it from the clutches of Zion’s mercenaries, will be pieces of cake. Or should I say knafeh. And Syrians themselves will tell you… Ain’t no knafeh like Syrian knafeh. Congrats again to Syria for this extraordinary, legendary accomplishment. #LongLiveSyria #AleppoVictory #DeathToFakeNews


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