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The world is on fire, thanks to the neoconservative warhawks in the previous Bush administration. Evil machinations of evil despotic men, like Paul Wolfowitz and others, turned the United States upside down. It made America a pariah nation in the eyes of the rest of the world and led to the an estrangement from America's once trusted allies. No, this article is not going to say the United States is a nation worthy of falling, but rather falling because of the intrigues of neoconservatives, who pose as America's friends. They have infiltrated the "conservative" movement. Just like they infiltrated the 9/11 Truth Movement and the anti-war movement in the United States. They are steeped in a bloodlust on behalf of Israel.

After the events of September 11th, we know what these twisted and demented men did. They turned America into a police state, stripped of our civil liberties to say what we want to say. Michael Chertoff and his henchmen went on a tirade to allegedly defend "homeland security." Yet the worst aspect of their chicanery was how they indeed manipulated once wholesome organizations and forums of public discourse.

It is a bygone fact, that America is a Jewish-controlled country. Any intelligent person knows by now, that America's media, porn, alcohol, industries, companies, garbage, rat control, pest control, coca-cola, pepsi, gasoline, toilet paper, and the other "amenities" that make life work in the United States is controlled by Jews. Scores of books have been written on the subject--"Jewish Power in America,"by J.J. Goldberg; "The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America," by Michael Collins Piper; "The Host and the Parasite: Israel's Fifth Column in America," by Greg Felton; etc.. Yes, we have the irrefutable evidence. It is a fact that one can take to the bank, so to speak.

But what we really need to assess nowadays is the viruses of "Zion," that keep infecting legitimate portals of discourse and information. The neoconservatives unfortunately hijacked the Republican party and the conservative movement. Author, Justin Raimando wrote an excellant book about that, entitled "Reclaiming the American Right." These same agents provacateur for Zion have also infiltrated all the major publishing houses and academic organizations, that were not under their control.

Outstanding truth teller, Michael Collins Piper, wrote a book I highly recommned for anyone interested in this facet of the wild intrigues and subversion of the movement for truth called, "The Judas Goats." Go and buy the book from the publishers of American Free Press and become enlightened as to these "Judas Goats," who inhabit vital areas of information. Michael Moore and others, posing as truthtellers, have become masters of misinformation. Yes, Fahrenheit 9/11 said no to Bush, but continued to negate the real truth about 9/11, being an inside job, a controlled demolition.

Likewise, these Judas Goats have also emerged in the Islamic community. I have spoken of in length in previous articles of mine about the infiltration of false teachers and imams into the Islamic community, like Hamza Yusuf, Feisal Abdul Rauf, and others. But I want to go further than that. It needs to be mentioned that agents of Zion and Jews themselves have throughout history infiltrated the ranks of Islam to destroy Islam from within. Many books and articles have expoused, for instance, the fact that Mustapha Kemal Attaturk, who singlehandedly destroyed Islam in Turkey was from converted Jewish origins. A fact illustrated in Andrew Hitchcock Carrington's book, "The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination."

Yet what I am presently concerned about of most urgent importance is the present infiltration of the Islamic community by these liars and agents of misinformation and just plain sabotage. I mentioned Yusuf and Rauf already, but in addition to them, their are the various publications and organizations that claim to be Muslim, but are indeed fronts for subversion and destruction of Muslims. I ask all of you to remain vigilent and aware of the fact that many so-called Islamic publications are just misinformation transmittors. Let's take one example of this. "The Muslim Observer" has become one of the most popular Islamic publications in America right now, but it is also a major source for lies and deceit as well. They tout themselves as the voice of American Muslims. And they talk about Islamic issues, whether it is about aqeedah to politics in the Middle East. The publication has a host of writers, both from the Middle East and South Asia and native-born reverts to Islam, like Summayah Meehan. But the publication is far from a reliable source of information to both enlighten and organize Muslims in a healthy way.

American Free Press writer, Victor Thorn, outlined in one article the numerous "patsies," that have become immersed in the Islamic community. These patsies are easily recognizable. First of all, they do not tell the truth about 9/11 being an inside job. They instead claim the official garbage of the State Department, that it was a terrorist strike commiteed by nineteen Arab hijackers against the United States. Also, another important feature of these wolves in sheeps clothing is that they promote assimilation of Muslims into the American mainstream and do not talk about what many people call "conspiricy." Such are the topics that do not make it into "The Muslim Observer." Unlike American Free Press, a publication written by non-Muslims, that does far more to address the lies of 9/11, big government, the New World Order, etc.., than any other publication around, "The Muslim Observer," a publication supposedly written by Muslims goes into discussions about irrelevant subject matter. Well, so much for earth-shattering news. You certainly won't get it in "The Muslim Observer."

The same holds true for the handpicked Muslim media celebrities, who appear on mainstream television to supposedly defend Islam. Edina Lecovic of the Muslim Public Affairs Council is one of these false purveyors of information, who regularly are selected to talk about Muslim issues on Bill O'Reilly (O'Liar) or on Sean Hannity's show. Instead of presenting information that is not only relevant she blatantly puts out lies and misinformation about Islamic issues, whether it is the hijab or anything else.

Again, these are more Judas Goats to wonder and be critical about. Beware of them. Do not be fooled, they are parasites, plain and simple. They have pretty faces and nice voices, but looks are deceiving. Their truth is behind the facade of good looks. It is a painful truth of evil and wild chicanery designed to subvert and nullify God, faith, and country.............

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