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Imam WDM - Saudi Arabia is the Pup of the US!

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((Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave this Public Address in Newark, N.J., on Sun., Jan. 11, 2004, during the Unity Dawah Weekend and CPC/Com-Trust Business Conference hosted by Masjid Al-Haqq.)

Would you believe this little fellow with just a few hours of college education was sitting over there with the big boys of Saudi Arabia, in a meeting of the top scholars, and I told them, "There is no way that you all could get me to become a Muslim, if I had not experienced what I experienced in America under the Hon. Elijah Muhammad."

There would be no appeal. Did they want to give me holiness? There is plenty of that in the church. Do they want to make the soul feel good? You can go to the dope house for that; the biggest drugs in the world are in the United States of America.

They looked at me and could say nothing. They didn't even ask me why. I am Wallace D. Mohammed, son of Elijah Poole Muhammad. Why would I put on the stuff they wear for the desert of Saudi Arabia and I am here in the cold of Chicago? Why should I try to look like the Saudis?

Look how G'd has let things develop in the major happenings of the world, even in Saudi Arabia, the holy land, our most sacred quarters where The Haram is, the sanctuary of sanctuaries for Muslims.

Saudi Arabia became a partner of Britain and the United States, with the birth of Saudi Arabia on that land that was the land of the Arabs. It wasn't called Saudi Arabia then; that came from Abdul Aziz As-Saud, which was the king's name.

He became the liberator of Arabia for his kind of government and life, called the Revival of Islam. And he stopped the people from doing unIslamic things around the Ka'aba. He did a great thing to bring the people back from primitiveness and savageness, which they were going back to.

He was a desert man, the first king Abdul Aziz As-Saud. But he had a scholar working with him to change this trend toward idolatry, who started the revolution. His name was Wahhab.

So the soldier was not an intellectual; he was just a common man who got with the scholar, Wahhab, and got the support of Britain and the United States and a few others, but mainly Britain and the United States, so he could get into power.

He formed an agreement, a pack, with the United States, in his time. And that pack was passed on down to his children, the princes, from that time to this time with King Fahd. The present situation for the two governments, Saudi Arabia and the United States, is this. Saudi Arabia is obligated to keep its friendship and agreement with the United States. And the United States is obligated to do the same with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia depends on the United States now and had been depending on it for many things, even for its security.

So here is the son of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, who remembers the United States allowing me to be called "Nigger" and shut out of the blessings that G'd created for all people and leaving it only for Whites or those they said it was OK for.

I was shut out of the restaurants and had to go to the back door for my food and to sit on the back of the bus. I had to sit in the balcony of the movies and wait until the White people told me it was OK to laugh. And I had to use a fountain marked for Black people and Whites used one marked for White people. I remember all of this.

Now I see the United States in its great power, and it has Saudi Arabia like its pup. The lion has a pup. Saudi Arabia, the great sanctuary for Muslims, is like the pup to the United States of America.

I am the man who has witnessed all of these things. So do you think I am impressed with Saudi Arabia, the pup of the United States? When now I have the spirit to improve the United States?

I remember its history and congratulate the United States for cleaning up its act. I congratulate you for living out the promise of your best leaders, the ones who formed this Nation, who conceived it, and promised all of its citizens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I congratulate you for keeping the promise and freeing it, so all of us whom you treated like you did can have it now. But don't think that I will trust my life and soul to the United States.

The United States did not save my soul; it only freed my body. G'd saved my soul and G'd opened my mind and G'd showed me how I can make a world. G'd has given me the love and the interest in this Nation that I now claim as my own, to work with my people and get in the competition with those who are leading America and make America better.

We are in that competition, and we are not going to let anybody tell us where the Promised Land is for us. G'd has shown us where the Promised Land is.

Muhammad is a sign, although he brings a clear message. He, in his person, is also a sign; he is the eighth one in the ascension. Abraham was the highest one before Muhammad, and in terms of level you could not go higher than Abraham went - the level seven.

But here is one with a number higher than seven, whom G'd blessed to go up from the first level that Adam was on to the highest level that Abraham was on. Here is the level eight, and there is nothing as high as that up there. So he has to come back down.

Muhammad is eight, although there is no eighth level. He is up on the seventh level and cannot go any higher. But before he goes back home, he leads all of them in prayer - everyone of them, even his father Adam and father Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ also.

It is because their prayer he is to fulfill as the Seal of the Prophets. He has to go down stairs to establish the Kingdom that was to come.

The eighth is the Kingdom. The eighth is the Promised Land. The eighth is the community life that G'd created Adam for, and all of us are its rightful inheritors.

Thank you. Peace be unto you, As-Salaam-Alaikum.

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