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Exposing the Lies About Sex and Marriage in Islam

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The Truth About 9/11

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Exposing the Lies About Sex and Marriage in Islam

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If someone were to lie about the American Constitution and say that it is a document that justified the Ku Klux Klan, crime, high divorce rates, immorality in America and other vices, I am sure ALL of us who are Americans, will rise to the occasion to defend the Constitution. If someone were to lie about you, your children or your family, I am sure you would want to correct the lie so that the truth would be known. If the liar is a belligerent knowing liar, I am sure your interest will not be so much in changing them but in simply letting the truth be known.

I believe as Americans, we should want to know the truth about EVERYTHING!!! Why walk in darkness with a head full of lies about other people and their religions? Knowing the truth about someone else and their beliefs is simple common human courtesy. We should not feel intimidated or fearful of that especially when we are well grounded in our own beliefs. Our purpose should be to become enlightened and we should treat knowing about other people and religions the same as we treat knowing about science, nature, facts and world events. It will be a very evil thing if we were to fight and even kill others, only to find out we hated and killed each other based on falsehoods and fabrications! Divide and conquer is the tactic of the enemies of humanity. Enlightenment and understanding should be our tactic to defeat them.

Along with main stream media, the Zionists and Christian Zionists, like Jerry Falwell, have been fabricating falsehoods about Islam as they have been fabricating falsehoods about the Palestinians, Iran, Israel and world events. Shouldn't those false claims also be combated and exposed? Mr. Falwell called the Prophet of Islam a terrorist. We all know the purpose. It is to further demonize Muslims so that good Christians will feel in their hearts that war and deaths of Muslims are justified. Nevertheless they are lies -- and big ones at that. In the interest of exposing some of their fabrications I wrote the following:


Al-Islam must be a very serious threat to the Zionists and their dupes -- the Christian Zionists. With all the negative media after 9/11 surrounding Muslims, Arabs and Al-Islam the enemies of Islam expected the world to condemn Muslims and embrace Israel. But instead, Al-Islam continues to be the fastest growing religion in the world. Some Mosques are reporting four times the increase in the rate of conversions and since 9/11 in the United States more than 50,000 people have converted to Al-Islam. This has made the enemies of Al-Islam even more upset, and as a result they have decided to unleash more venom and disinformation about Al-Islam and Muslims than ever before.

They now have Christian Zionists in the written and spoken media -- in full force using among other tools Biblical justification both for supporting Israel and smearing Al-Islam, Muslims and the Prophet. Their aim is to achieve what 9/11 didn't. That is -- hatred between Christians and Muslims and world condemnation of the religion of Al-Islam! But if you notice that in all their media attempts, they never try to get a Muslim Imam of note to debate any respected Christian leader to publicly discredit Al-Islam before the world. Why? They dare not do that. After witnessing what happened to Jimmy Swaggart, a few years ago, they said never again. Needless to say Mr. Swaggart was roundly defeated in a debate with the Islamic scholar Ahmad Deedat.

But anyway, I will attempt to answer some of the specific charges and accusations made against Al-Islam regarding sex and marriage:

1. How many wives did Prophet Muhammad have? The most reliable sources in the Islamic world has said that the number is 15 not 25. Compared to the hundreds of wives and consorts that David and Solomon had -- according to the Old Testament -- Jews and Christians should not be complaining. Among the 15 wives, 9 of them were widows with most of them having children, none of them had wealth -- except Khadijah his first wife -- and 2 of them not much is known about, but nuptial relations could not be established as a result of death or other circumstances. The Prophet (saaw) first got married at the age of 25 to Khadijah who was 40. He remained married ONLY to her for 25 years until her death. Please be aware that this was significantly contrary to the customs of the day, in which the Arabs married as many women as they wanted.

2. Why did he marry so many women? The Christian Zionists want you to believe that he was a sex maniac like Jimmy Swaggart. Keep in mind that the Prophet was the leader of the Muslim society and came from the wealthiest and noblest tribe. He could have had any woman and as many as he wanted. But most of his marriages were to women who needed support. During the time of the Prophet (saaw), there were no welfare or government handouts to poor women. There was no support agencies established for women in distress. To survive many women took up prostitution and other vices. Rather than see women suffer and turn to prostitution or other social vices, the Prophet took them in and supported them. Some of the women were with children which made them not very desirable to other men.

The reasons for the number of marriages are varied. Here is a listing of some of those reasons. I will briefly comment on some but if needed I could point out the wives and circumstances regarding each reason:

To spread the message of Al-Islam.

To win over enemies of Al-Islam. The Prophet had 4 marriages for this reason with one of them being to a Jew. The effect of these marriages had the power to stop wars between the Muslims and the people to whom the Prophet's wives belonged to.

To establish diplomatic relations. These were marriages that established good relations between the Muslims and other nations -- which they were not at war with. The marriages were not requests by Muhammad but gestures by the other nations.

To abolish slaves and war-captives. Al-Islam chose to abolish slavery. Many of the things done by the Prophet were aimed at showing the equality of a slave to anyone in society. Through marriage and other means he gave slaves the most honorable positions in society.

To fight evil customs.

To ameliorate the plight of women.

To help the helpless.

To crystallize the formalities and legalities of marriage. Through marriage he gave legal rights and responsibilities to women that were not there in Arab society for women before.

To check crime and establish order.

To look after children and take care of the household.

To demonstrate to the pagan Arabs how to properly lead married life according to ALLAH's commandments.


3. Did Muhammad fornicate with a 9 year old girl, Aisha? Boy, what would you Zionist and dupes think of next??? Please be aware that the customs of the people in the time of Muhammad was much different than western customs today. To show you how different it was Prophet Muhammad (saaw) was not the first but the second marriage engagement for Aisha. She was previously engaged to another man before being engaged to the Prophet (saaw). Rather than 6 or 9, Islamic scholars place Aisha’s age at 16 when she married the Prophet (saaw). This marital relationship turned out to be one of the most beneficial occurrences in Al-Islam. The Prophet was able to train Aisha at an early age and as a result she became the most erudite, of the profoundest knowledge, of the maturest brain in her time. In fact no better woman-jurist than her has been produced by the world before or after. As a historian, as an orator she had few parallels. She left the largest number of Hadiths (sayings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad), 2210 in all. This was very essential for Muslims because after the Qur’an the Hadiths is the most important authority for Muslims.

4. Can a Muslim father give his daughter in marriage without her consent? Keep in mind that this is not a Muslim practice. It is more a cultural practice of many societies that may or may not be Muslim. The motivation behind this is that parents know their children best and have the best interest of their children in mind. They know about the natures and tendencies in their children and therefore better able to match them with children from other parents who also know their children's nature and tendencies. But still after introducing them to each other, if either doesn’t want to marry, Islam gives them permission to refuse the marriage. When you compare the divorce rates from these kinds of marriages, to the divorce rates in the western world, this method of marriage produces significantly less divorce. It makes you wonder about the judgment of adults in our society. But nevertheless a marriage that is agreeable by both parties is the most desired method in Al-Islam.

5. Did Muhammad have an Egyptian concubine? No, he had an Egyptian wife! This Egyptian wife was a gift sent by the Egyptian leader to establish good diplomatic relations with the Muslims of Arabia. Sending girls as gifts had great diplomatic significance in those days. This was supposed to be the best token and best pledge of mutual peace, goodwill and good relations between nations.

6. Did he watch over the beheading of 800 Jews and took the chief's wife for himself? I believe the story about 800 or so Jews being executed to be another old Jewish wives tale. Admittedly there are many Muslims who believe that story. The person who narrated the story, Ibn Ishaq, was denounced in his time and after as a notorious liar and one who readily repeated false stories transmitted by Jews. Here is what was related about him by contemporary scholars and throughout the history of Islam:

His contemporary, the early traditionist and jurist Malik, called him unequivocally "a liar" and "an impostor" "who transmits his stories from the Jews".

In a later age Ibn Hajar further explained the point of Malik's condemnation of Ibn Ishaq. Malik, he said, condemned Ibn Ishaq because he made a point of seeking out descendants of the Jews of Medina in order to obtain from them accounts of the Prophet's campaigns as handed down by their forefathers. Ibn Hajar then rejected the stories in question in the strongest terms: "such odd tales as the story of Qurayza and al-Nadir". Nothing could be more damning than this outright rejection.

From this link:

Knowing this about Ibn Ishaq helps us understand why even today it is Jews who are continually propagating the 800 massacred story. They inherited the lies from their forefathers and passed them down from generation to generation.

The reasons for rejecting this story are many. Here is a listing of a few:

(i) The reference to the story in the Qur'an is extremely brief, and there is no indication whatever of the killing of a large number. In a battle context the reference is to those who were actually fighting. The Qur'an is the only authority which the historians would accept without hesitation or doubt. It is a contemporary text, and, for the most cogent reasons, what we have is the authentic version.

(ii) The rule in Islam is to punish only those who were responsible for the sedition.

(iii) To kill such a large number is diametrically opposed to the Islamic sense of justice and to the basic principles laid down in the Qur'an - particularly the verse. "No soul shall bear another's burden." It is obvious in the story that the leaders were numbered and were well known. They were named.

(iv) It is also against the Qur'anic rule regarding prisoners of war, which is: either they are to be granted their freedom or else they are to be allowed to be ransomed.

(v) It is unlikely that the Banu Qurayza should be slaughtered when the other Jewish groups who surrendered before Banu Qurayza and after them were treated leniently and allowed to go. Indeed Abu 'Ubayd b. Sallam relates in his Kitab al-amwal that when Khaybar fell to the Muslims, there were among the residents a particular family or clan who had distinguished themselves by excessive unseemly abuse of the Prophet (saaw). Yet in that hour the Prophet addressed them in words which are no more than a rebuke: "Sons of Abu al-Huqayq (he said to them) I have known the extent of your hostility to G’d and to His apostle, yet that does not prevent me from treating you as I treated your brethren." That was after the surrender of Banu Qurayza.

(vi) If indeed so many hundreds of people had actually been put to death in the market-place, and trenches were dug for the operation, it is very strange that there should be no trace whatever of all that - no sign or word to point to the place, and no reference to a visible mark.

(vii) Had this slaughter actually happened, jurists would have adopted it as a precedent. In fact exactly the opposite has been the case. The attitude of jurists, and their rulings, has been more according to the Qur'anic rule in the verse, "No soul shall bear another's burden."

So then the real source of this unacceptable story of slaughter was the descendants of the Jews of Medina, from whom Ibn Ishaq took these "odd tales". For doing so Ibn Ishaq was severely criticized by other scholars and historians and was called by Imam Malik an impostor.

During the time of Muhammad he had the most difficult time with the Jews. On numerous occasions they broke their treaties with the Muslims and were responsible for instigating and causing a lot of deaths to them. They made fun of Islam and took words out of their original sounds and with a slight variation in pronunciation they twisted their meanings.

They were hypocritical. Pretending and acting like Muslims in front of the Muslims but behind their backs ridiculing the Muslims. There are numerous examples of their treachery against the Muslims in the history of Islam.

Muhammad tolerated their bad behavior for a long time. A small example of the kind of toleration and mercy practiced is in the story about Muhammad and his Jewish neighbor. His neighbor used to put garbage in front of Muhammad's house everyday. She did this for years as an insult to Muhammad. One day Muhammad noticed that the garbage was not there. He immediately went to visit his Jewish neighbor and offered to provide help if she was sick. He showed love in the face of this woman’s disrespect and hate.

Another example is referred to in the history as Al Ahzab or Al-Khandaq. In Medina Muhammad had a treaty with the Jews in which they both agreed to be at peace with each other. At that time Muhammad's Pagan enemies in the city of Mecca decided to attack the Muslims in Medina with a huge army. The Jews seeing the size of the army of the Pagans broke their treaty with Muhammad and joined the Pagan army to fight against the Muslims. They fought and when Muhammad eventually won he banished the Jews from Medina.

The Jews behavior has been typical throughout history. They have been double crossing deceitful lying devils and aggressively so.

The Prophet only had one Jewish wife, Safia. She was the daughter of Hai Bin Akhtab, chief of the clan of Banu Nazir. Before this marriage, the Jews always played a prominent role, openly or secretly, in all wars against the Muslim state of Medina; they incited and always sided with the enemies of Al-Islam. After this marriage, the Jews never participated, openly or secretly in any war against Muslims. As such a single marriage achieved what a dozen wars could not.

7. Did Muhammad authorize his soldiers and himself to marry the wives of other soldiers killed in war? Emphatically yes! He did so himself and took these women and their children in rather than see them suffer or turn to vices as a result of not having husbands around to support them.

8. Does Muslim law allow temporary 3 day marriages to satisfy lusts? There is nothing in the Qur’an that supports that. Yes, it is true that some Muslims practiced temporary marriages referred to as "muta". But still it is not sanctioned by Al-Islam. The Qur’an describes marriage as a sacred relationship and one that should be entered in to please Allah. In fact Al-Islam teaches that half of our religion is completed when we get married. Men and women are described as help-mates of each other. Their purpose in this lifetime is to help each other meet G’d. It describes divorce as one of the most hated actions by G’d and encourages the married couple to do all they can to keep their marriage together. These temporary lustful marriages are contrary to all the teachings about marriage in the Qur’an.

9. Lastly the Qur’an was revealed over a period of time. Some of the Prophet's wives died before him and some of the marriages only lasted a few months as a result of death. The Arabs at that time were taking on limitless wives. The revelation received by the Prophet limited that number to 4. After that revelation the Prophet did not take on anymore wives. But is polygamy the rule in Al-Islam or monogamy? There is only one verse in the Qur’an which discusses polygamy. It is:

"If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice - two or three or four. But if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one or whom your right hand possesses. That will be more suitable to prevent ye from doing injustice". (An-Nisa, 3)

This verse shows that the Qur’an favors the natural course of monogamy over polygamy. In fact monogamy is the current practice of most Muslims in the world today. This verse aimed at making Muslims feel that they need not worry about the upshot of orphans due to martyrdom or Muslim men being killed in wars, that it was an easy solution to resort to polygamy which was permissible from before.

An important point to look at is what the current practice of a people is. For Hindus even though the Brahmin deities, Raja Dasarath and his pride-son Ramchandra are said to possess wives and non-wives in four or five figures, the average Hindu shuns polygamy. Why? The examples set by his gods and goddesses have no practical value; they are not the least binding upon him. He is free to do or not do what is in the best interests of himself or his society or politics. The same can be said about the Jews with David and Solomon having hundreds of wives and consorts.

For Muslims 4 wives is permissible, but the majority practices monogamy.

Listen to an alternative radio station dedicated to exposing and broadcasting truths about Islam and domestic and world events not heard on the mainstream media.


David Strader
+6 #1 David Strader 2010-09-18 03:48
Great article Nashid. Recommended to everyone to read to see how Islam is being misrepresented to the public eye by the widespread posting of this photo.
syed saboor
+4 #2 syed saboor 2010-09-19 02:35
Once again, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and erudition. Brother Nashid you have the right information. Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere should stop listening to our supposed Muslim leaders who do not speak up and condemn the wicked and the lies, but listen to the real truth, which the above article enumerates upon.
+2 #3 JR 2011-04-28 02:57
Can you explain the main picture you have at the top of the article? Is it a real photograph of a particular event and could you explain what is happening? It really appealed to my curiousity (maybe that's why you chose it...)

Thanks! =)
+7 #4 Nashid 2011-04-29 09:09
Quoting JR:
Can you explain the main picture you have at the top of the article? Is it a real photograph of a particular event and could you explain what is happening? It really appealed to my curiousity (maybe that's why you chose it...) Thanks! =)

You are correct JR. That picture was meant to capture your attention :-) . It is meant to address the lies that was sent all over the Internet claiming that it was a Hamas wedding of grown men to Palestinian girls. The following link explains the picture clearly:

The following is an official retraction from the site that first spread the lies:

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