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Why the Jews and NWO Hate and Fear the Hijab

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The Western media portrays Muslim women wearing a hijab as weak, with scared eyes. Always the black hijab, eyes pleading for help from the western readers. Never once have I've seen a picture in a newspaper of a smiling Muslim woman wearing a colorful hijab. Head-coverings have been worn throughout history by billions of women around the world including Europe.

I maintain this modern fuss over the right of a Muslim woman to wear her scarf is an issue of racial and religious prejudice, perpetrated by TPT who are intent on rousing the hatred of people for each other, villianizing the Muslims, for their own disgraceful causes, mainly fueling of emotions to bring about international war or, as many refer to it as, the Apocalypse. 

There are countries in which women are terribly abused by the males of that land. This is cultural, not Islamic. It is wrong by any standards and most Muslims from other lands are as dismayed by these events as are all other decent human beings. In fact, despite being Muslim and modestly dressed, were they to dress as they do in those nations, chances are they, too, would be punished or killed for not being "sufficiently Muslim".

As seen in the images below, Muslim women are not the victims of the scarf and most love it. It represents modesty, a beneficial trait which the pornographers of the planet cannot handle. When destroying society the woman, the base of it all, is first targeted. THAT, friends and neighbours, is why the hajib is so challenged in the Zionist run world of today.

I had many more images to post in here but I just ran out of space for imagery and need to go clean house for now. But please enjoy this article.

Katherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII


 Isabeau and her ladies. Often the hairline was plucked
to suit the lines of the head-covering.


 A woman of the 1500's.


 They are beautiful, some are simply stunning. No one ever seems to note that the headgear of nuns such as Mother Theresa is a form of   hijab!


Western people seem to see this necessary article of clothing as being dowdy, ugly, repressive. They see the entire issue of the headscarf as ugly, frightening, different. Yet in the Medieval period, as shown above, women veiled and covered their hair in Europe for at least one thousand years.
“If a Jew lady lacks in following the rules like for example she would go without covering her head in street or in front of other men, or even her voice get heard by other men or neighbours. In this case her husband has the right to divorce her without giving her dowry.” ~ Will Durant
Finding the middle ground in everything we do is what being a Muslim is all about. Having the right balance between the material and spiritual, is what is demanded of us. Muslim women are guided to dress modestly, and the hijab not the burkha ~ which is a cultural item
~is the answer to this.

Many western women who revert to Islam always ~ and always choose of their own volition to wear the hijab/niqab. Most westerners, quite ignorant in the truth of the matter, would not hesitate to damn the hijab in equal measure and lump it together with the 'demeaning' burkha, unable to see what the Muslim women's dress code actually symbolizes.

Be prepared to see, not the sad and miserable women of the middle east as portrayed in the Media but women who appear whole, vibrant and exhibiting genuine smiles of happiness.  

Might I also add, the head covering makes for much more luxuriant and healthy hair! I found mine grew longer before breaking up and splitting and was thick and just wonderful.


Covering the face with niqab or burqa, as it is practiced in some Islamic countries, is cultural rather than religious ~ the law of man, not the law of Allah..

 In truth millions of women around the world cover up
and there are as many styles as there are women.


 What is Hijab? It means that the woman should cover all of her body down to her wrists and ankles and wear opaque loose-fitting clothing. She is also admonished to cover her hair. Hijab is not only a way of dressing but it is also a way conducting oneself in a modest and dignified manner.


 The wearing of Hijab is a means by which a Muslimah is identified.  It sets us apart, and any Muslim man who sees a woman wearing Hijab should immediately understand that this is a woman who should be treated with the utmost respect.  

Now, you the reader, may ask why should it make any difference what a woman wears?


 Unfortunately, in the society of man, it does.

Let me present you with an example of what I mean.

A pretty woman is walking down the street.  She is wearing an outfit that brings attention to the fact that she is attractive.  It may be a short skirt or a form fitting suit.

The typical male reaction would be whistles, catcalls or leering looks etc.  For a time, this may make the woman feel special, but after awhile it becomes an annoyance because she is being looked at as an object not a person.


 Now, let us consider the same situation but the pretty woman is now wearing  conservative clothing and she covers her hair with a scarf.  What would be the male response now?

As much as we would like to think that we live in a society where everyone is equal, this is not the case.  Men as a rule will continue to think of women as objects of desire, servants, or baby factories.

In Islam, this is not the case as set down in the Qur'an.  The wearing of Hijab is Allah's way of reminding men that women are people and should be treated accordingly. as hearth of the home and co-creator of life.  An unfortunate circumstance but very much a fact of life.



  A Turkish evening gown.These gowns are just spectacular.


  An enthusiastic young Indonesian Muslimah.
Her outfit certainly does not seem to hinder her joy.


 This photograph from Kuwait is not, as some have suggested, a "clash of civilizations". These two women could purchase these outfits for private use. What they wear beneath their abaya or their burqa does not matter because the fabric of the cover serves as protection from strangers. The abaya is a continuation of the walls around her home in terms of safety.


s Saboor
#1 s Saboor 2011-12-01 07:14
Excellent article!!! Religious Christian and Jewish women observed the same traditional garb, that Muslim women observe. The advent of secularism brought about a fundamental departure from modest dress to illicit dress in the West!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
#2 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-04 23:27
It was so well written and illustrated that I posted in on my blog.

Jazaakum Allahu Khayran

Umm Ali
#3 OkayUmm Ali 2013-08-17 21:35
Noor. That's great if anyone wants to wear hijab, but it's a personal choice and should be a right. Works both ways. I have always been conservative in my dress without a scarf. However, why should I be treated differently because I don't wear hijab? As if I'm comitting a sin? Men need to learn some barriers. And as for the scarf being good for your hair, I have evidence to refute that. Each to his own. There are girls in Egypt who wear very tight, revealing clothing which leaves nothing to the imagination and cover their hair and then people like me who dress modestly without a scarf, but I'm immoral. Besides, modesty is inside and as I like to say, in the eye of the beholder.
#4 MrS 2013-11-20 20:28
Why did not many women wear the hijab before 9/11 in the West? I can't remember many women wearing it before 9/11, but in Birmingham United Kingdom I see so many muslim teenagers wear it. Why put the hijab on just to show you are muslim when you didn't before?

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