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The Truth About 9/11

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Interviews with Dr. Kevin Barrett

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What follows is a series of interviews with Dr. Kevin Barrett. The interviews addresses a wide variety of topics from the 9/11 false flag event to ISIS to Palestine to Islamophobia and other important issues facing our world today.

The first interview is an interview done by Average Joe Bodybuilder interviewing Dr. Barrett. In it Dr. Barrett addresses how he first became aware of 9/11 truth, his struggles at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and even his encounters with Sean Hannity. Through it all we get a clear picture of a man devoted to truth, willing to make great sacrifices for the cause of truth and determined to bravely share this truth with all regardless of consequences. May ALLAH richly bless Kevin with an abundance of blessings, protect him and carefully guide him to full truths and in all that he does. You can visit and support Kevin's great work at:

1. Interview with Average Joe Bodybuilder


2. Interview of Maisoon Rice - "Telling Truths that even George Galloway can't handle"


3. Interview of Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq of Ascertain the Truth


4.  9/11 Truth and False Flags - Interview with Syed Saboor of America in Focus


5. Islamophobia and the West - Interview with Syed Saboor of America in Focus



6. Interview of Maisoon Rice - Discussion about Lavoy Finicum, evils of Zionism, the Jewishness of the Turkey government, Muslim refugee crisis and more.



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