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Islamic solidarity: The real “Iranian bomb” Israel fears more than anything else

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Islamic solidarity: The real “Iranian bomb” Israel fears more than anything else

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As should be painfully obvious now to all (and particularly for those in the West going broke fighting her wars for her) Israel’s woes are never hers alone.

No matter what it is- -a stubbed toe, broken fingernail, offended dignity or a wart on the end of her nose preventing her from grabbing the gold at a rigged beauty contest–her burdens and boo-boos eventually (and inevitably) become those of the entire world.


Being that she is (by her own militant insistence, mind you) the Jewish state, and with it all the accompanying ‘magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ Business, she’s just like that…The ultimate drama queen-Lady Gaga with nukes, banks, TV networks, and a chorus line of presidents, prime ministers, popes, priests, preachers, pundits and professors on the payola sheet…


In a verbal portrait-self-obsessed, self-absorbed, unplugged, pathologically-narcissistic and unable to care about anything except the latest noise buzzing ’round her like so many subatomic particles locked in dysfunctional orbit around the nucleus of some deadly radioactive element named J-Tonium.


And it is due to this narcissism-entirely, in fact-that the world has stepped off the stairway to heaven and now finds itself flying at break-neck speed down the highway to hell. Members of one tiny group of people with an over-inflated sense of their own importance in the day-to-day workings of the universe is the reason why apocalyptic wars are being fought and why nations-fiscally, politically, morally and socially-are going bankrupt fighting them.


And let us not engage in the all-too-common kindergarten-level polemics that Jewish interests are not involved in it all. Like gangsters of yesteryear who for reasons of their own criminal survival claimed with a collective straight face that the existence of the Mafia was a scurrilous fantasy, so too is passé taking an eraser to the obvious lines connecting today’s major geopolitical issues (problems) with Jewish power politics. Easier making the case that the death of a 100-cigarette-a-day chain smoker was due to “bad health” while pushing the embarrassing skeletons of his nicotine addiction back into the closet.


Not merely involved in it, Jewish interests were (are) the ignition key, spark plug, gasoline and pedal-to-the-metal mindset propelling the entire adventure. Take this factor-Jewish power politics-out of the picture and all that remains is a blank canvas just begging for a change of scenery.


Jewish interests wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was. Dittoes with Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on. Tens of millions of innocent lives destroyed because it was in the interests of the Jewish state and her people to see it done. Like some crime boss snapping his fingers and people instantly dropping dead like flies in various places, when La Kosher Nostra has spoken it’s a done deal and God help anyone who gets in the way.


Simple logic tells us that there was (is) nothing of any benefit to the various surrogate nations of the West engaging in this program of Mutually Assured Destruction with the Islamic world. The only beneficiary collecting on the life insurance policies of the deceased will be the Jewish state and her people, a fact you can take to the bank.


And now, without so much as even an ounce of regret or remorse for the apocalyptic trouble she’s caused the world vis-à-vis Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, et al, Lady Gaga is again in motion, twirling and whirling like some maniacal, Judaic dervish in conjuring up yet another magic spell for her mostly-Christian audience of war-porn addicts. Sometimes singing, sometimes shrieking, sometimes clawing her face, gouging her eyes and pulling her hair, the witch doctor cometh again, hissing and hexing against Iran, and all because our would-be beauty queen is once again prevented from grabbing the gold at that aforementioned contest for world domination.


Like the many personality layers not atypical with paranoid schizophrenics, so too are diverse and perplexing the reasons for Israel wanting Iran destroyed.


Some are religious in nature, in that Israel-founded as she is on Judaistic religious thinking-maintains with blind fanaticism the notion of unavoidable, perpetual war between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. The most obvious proof thereof lies in considering just a few of the various conflict-oriented religious feasts celebrated yearly, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora. From Passover to Purim, the theme common to them all is the dramatic defeat of Gentiles who “got in the way” of Jewish designs and paid holy hell for it.


The other reason an otherwise peaceful, productive world is now subjected to the ear-splitting tsunami of Zionist screeching for Persian genocide is a bit more complex and chameleonesque in its camouflage but really very easy to grasp once the mental illness known as the Zionist dialectic has been diagnosed and then decoded…


…And in a verbal portrait, it begins with understanding that different words mean different things to different people.


The first thing to remember is that Israel-being the Jewish state-is the physical embodiment of centuries-old religiously-inspired fantasy. A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes and biological weapons. Her narrative is simple-A petty, wrathful, vengeful, racially-conscious god favors one tiny blob of human DNA over everything else in all creation and has given the members of this tiny blob the green light to go about the world making war and getting their hands on as much booty-financial or otherwise-for themselves as diabolically possible.


Therefore, when decoding what Israel is saying at any given moment, it’s necessary that rational thinkers understand that everything coming out of her mouth passes through this Judaic filter of sorts and that they are listening to an individual who is-for all intents and purposes, mad beyond any sane person’s wildest dreams.


Like schizophrenics whose personal delusions of grandeur paint personal portraits of themselves as kings, queens and movie stars being chased by monsters that only they themselves can see, so too should a sane, rational world understand that the policies of global war and global peace are being formulated and decided upon by victims of a radioactive, religiously-inflicted mental illness thousands of years old in its fermentation/distillation/enrichment process.


This being the case, we must remember that rarely if ever does Lady Gaga Israel speak plainly (honestly) about why she wants certain things, minus of course her demands for money, in which case she is always Kristol clear. Everything else (as a matter of principle, it seems) is shrouded in mystery and confusion in deference to the motto of her intelligence agency Mossad-’By way of deception, thou shalt do war…’


As the world is now all-too-aware, Israel’s stated reason for wanting Iran destroyed is that Iran’s nuclear program will one day lead to Israel being “wiped off the map”…


Amazingly enough, there is some truth to what she-a consummate, established, pathological liar-is alleging. Indeed, a deeper examination of Israel and her long-term objectives in the region reveals that Iran DOES pose an existential threat to the continued survival of that “great experiment” in Jewish self-rule in Palestine, and indeed it is “nuclear” in nature, but not in exactly the manner the world has been told.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the Jewish state-by her very nature-cannot sustain herself in a fair fight on even terrain-ever. Whether it is Israel’s financial, informational, or the cultural/geographical/political strangulation she maintains of entire nations, the only way Gaga can maintain her place on the proverbial catwalk at the political Miss Universe pageant is through subterfuge, deception, duplicity and plain old black magic. For matters of her own survival she must constantly blow pixie dust into the eyes of all those around her, keeping them doped up, dumbed down, and-as former Mossad wiseguy Rafael Eitan once quipped-“scurrying around like drugged cockroaches”. Being that she enjoys permanent residency status on Fantasy Island, with her as the epicenter of the universe and with all inanimate celestial bodies revolving ’round her in some type of religio-ethnocentric orbit-so too must everyone else live in that place as well.


In sum, the only way possible for her to function, integrate and then eventually subdue her victims is to alter reality (or rather, the perception thereof) in such a way that the world as it appears is not the world as it is.


Secondly, and most importantly, it must be understood that Israel not only thrives on conflict and chaos, but indeed must have it in order to survive. Like a diabetic who needs insulin or some freaky chick with weird appetites and disturbing fantasies, she simply can’t engage in normal, mutually-beneficial intercourse with other nations.


Rather, she has to have her partners tied up as her personal prisoners while she cracks the whip and barks commands…In plain terms, the Jewish state must live in an environment of surrounding instability and chaos if she is to hold together an organically-fractured dystopian society. The absence of enemies (and more importantly, enemies who cannot effectively fight back) would lead immediately to the dissolution of the Jewish state.


The first (and most important) component in creating this chaotic situation is for Israel to keep those around her-“friends” and enemies alike-mentally impaired so that they cannot think or behave rationally.


As far as her Arab neighbors go, the greatest weapon Israel has (and must continue to possess if she is to survive) is the ability to keep them drugged and “scurrying around”. Remaining divided, confused, squabbling, distracted, chasing after shadows and allowing themselves to get ‘lost in the moment’ (as we see taking place right now with the “Arab Spring”) is the single most important weapon Israel has in her arsenal. It is no different in essence than a 90-pound wimp who couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it getting into the boxing ring with a heavyweight champion who was drugged 15 minutes earlier and now couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it either.


By contrast, the moment that the effects of this Kosher-concocted pixie dust wear off and her Arab neighbors cease scurrying around and are able to focus, organize, and get their act together in forming rational policies for their various nations, that is the day a war-weary world can begin the countdown to the dissolution of the Jewish state…


…thus, enter into the picture the Islamic Republic of Iran…


Not an Arab country, and not Sunni Muslim as most of the Middle East, but close enough. What counts as far as Israel and her professional worry-warts are concerned is that they-the Iranians-accomplished in 1979 what the Arabs could only hope for up to this point, meaning they fought and won a revolution against the same occupying Western powers making life a living hell for 300 million Arabs today.


What’s worse is that at this very moment, Iran remains independent, confident, and above all else-rational-as she, in cool-as-a-cucumber fashion, formulates both her foreign and domestic policies in ways that best suit her interests, and in so doing, gives a big middle finger to Israel and the West on a daily basis and (worse, as far as Israel is concerned) gets away with it.


As demonstrated over the last decade, of all the players in this little shop of horrors drama known as the Middle East conflict, Iran is the only rational character on stage. There are no overblown displays of screeching, hair-pulling, eye-gouging or fist-pounding on her part. She does not engage in bombing runs of other nations, does not assassinate scientists working for her enemies or resort to Mafia-style tactics in projecting her foreign policy goals in the region. Through her president, Ahmadinejad, and the ruling council behind him, she speaks quietly and rationally, believes in the value of open debate and free speech and is always open to dialoguing with others…


In other words, the danger from Iran as far as Israel’s continued existence is concerned is that through her cool, rational demeanor she provides stark contrast to the delusional, erratic, schizoid, mad-dog behavior displayed by Lady Gaga Israel on a daily basis.


By default then, the Islamic Republic of Iran provides the Arabs with a model to follow. That she is Persian and not Arab eventually will not matter. That she is Shia and not Sunni will not matter either. What matters is that she has found the means of freeing herself from Western/Jewish control and does not have foreign armies occupying her soil and oppressing her people. She cultivates alliances and friendships with other world powers who give her a place of respect at the table of nations and does not have to prostitute herself in anyway to do this.


In short, Iran does not bow down before the beast and does not kiss the ring of the commission members of la Kosher Nostra as other nations around the world must if they are to remain “free”.


And what makes all of this unbearable (and dangerous as far as Israel’s continued de-stabilizing presence in the region is concerned) is that at one time, Iran was no different than any other Middle East country with great natural resources that had Western/Zionist hand puppets ruling her and oppressing her people. At one time she was as politically-occupied as the rest of the Islamic neighborhood until she herself (without outside “help” from groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy et al) fomented a slave rebellion and set up a modern, viable, functioning political system based upon the republican government model. Today her men, women and children are free, the very existence of which festers like a sore in the delusional Jewish narrative where Arabs must be kept mentally chained up and ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’.


Therefore, to the 300 million Arabs-both Christian and Muslim-watching all this take place and residing in a part of the world where the divine will of Allah features prominently in all facets of life, the subconscious conclusion a great number of these people in the region must inevitably arrive at is that Iran has been touched by God and tasked with leading the oppressed out of bondage and into the promised land of freedom…


How long then until Iran becomes magnetic north for all the other political compasses in the Middle East? How long before things really begin to fall apart for Israel and the narrative she maintains for everyone else in the region and how long before real revolutions and real “Arab Springs” take place along the lines of what took place in 1979 before the inevitable takes place–that one by one, Arab countries cease scurrying around like drugged cockroaches, replace their corrupt leaders and establish new political systems where no “deals” are made with Israel and the West?


And this, fellow war-weary inhabitants of planet earth, is the real “Iranian nuclear weapons program” Israel fears more than anything else-that Iran eventually becomes the nucleus around which the various Arab (and non-Arab) countries orbit harmoniously like political neutrons and electrons in some type of sub-atomic confederacy. That the Arabs will cut all economic, political and military ties with the West and-using Iran as the middle man-instead opt for economic sponsors such as Russia or China and possibly form military alliances with a nuclear-armed Pakistan.


The secondary effects of all this are not difficult to imagine. With American money no longer welcome and America no longer able to militarily dictate foreign and domestic policies in the region that benefit only the Jewish state, the environment would thus be detoxified of the aforementioned intoxicating pixie dust Israel has used now for half a century in keeping the Arabs doped up and dumbed down.Stability would return to the area as well as its natural byproduct-peace and eventual prosperity. America and other Western countries would bring their troops home and, given the kinds of economic, political and social problems existing today resulting from fighting Israel’s interminable wars for her, the new cry in the West would be never again when it comes to these countries allowing their valuable resources to be urinated away by repeating the disaster that has now brought them to the brink of destruction.


The eventual (and inevitable) result of all this is clear, namely that Lady Gaga Israel, the self-absorbed, pathologically narcissistic wicked witch of the Middle East, grand dame of the ball known as planet earth and talk of the town, would become passé, truly her worst nightmare…The narrative she has forced upon the world over the last half century, specifically a Judeo-centric universe with the entirety of God’s creation worshipfully orbiting ’round her would dissolve and disappear entirely. With Miss Universe wannabe booed off the catwalk and shown the exit door, the religio-ethnocratic fantasy upon which her entire self-identity is based would return to becoming hers and hers alone. The rest of the world, tired of her antics, would get back to the business of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and in the process, the Jewish god of war-a deity of despoilment and debasement against the Moral Majority (meaning almost 6 billion Gentiles on earth) would be made into the monkey it is and never again seen as anything besides a dark fantasy created in the most unenlightened and undeveloped corners of the Jewish supremacist mindset.


It is therefore in the interests of all men, women, and children of good will, rather than fearing this thing known as ‘nuclear Iran’ to instead strive earnestly for it and for all the immediate and long term benefits that are sure to follow, because the alternative-a nuclear Israel, with all the radiation poisoning that its main component, the deadly radioactive material known as J-Tonium and the political, economic, social, moral and cultural fallout it has brought to man, is something that is, in a verbal portrait, simply unsurvivable.


#1 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-04 11:07
Islamic solidarity: The real “Iranian bomb” Israel fears more than anything else

This is the reason why the West has always tried to destroy Islam FROM WITHIN by using bribe, blackmail, cultural terrorism and oppression.

The deadliest enemy of MUSLIM SOLIDARITY is Muslim Collaboration. It is haraam to join any System of Kufr but many Muslims are enticed and manipulated to join.


I had already witnessed the British establishment of a fascist totalitarian neo-colony in my artificial homeland (Made in France and Britain) under the guise of democracy after making Diego Garcia an American military base from where the Allies can bomb and nuke any country at will. The Hindu, Christian and Muslim leadership collaborated with each party manipulating its own religious group and indoctrinating them in western politics and thought. The agenda was simple: the acceptance and adoption of the western way of life, namely

Casino gambling and lottery
Prostitution (brothels) and Pornography
Birth Control
Homosexuality (LGBT)
Hard Drugs
National Curricula
Western medicine
Jewish pharmaceuticals and other poisons added to food and drinks
Genetically modified food
Psychiatric Institutions
Prison system
State controlled Media
Corporate controlled media
Admiralty and Maritime Courts of Law
Freemasonic Lodges and Rotary Clubs
Friends of Israel and acceptance of Zionism
Institutionalised Racism through “Equal Opportunities” or “Affirmative Action”
Regard the State as GOD
Swearing allegiance to the Royals
Accepting Freemasonic Knighthood and other Titles

Much of the above has already been achieved in the neo-colony and client (slave) Republic of Mauritius and other British “Commonwealth” – rather Élitewealth countries. Now, when I lived in France (13 years) and then in Britain (20 years), I saw the same agenda for the Muslim and other minorities. In general the non Muslim Blacks, Hindus, Sikhs, Jehovah Witnesses, Qadianis, Ismaïlis, Bahaïs, Christians, Catholics, Jews and Atheists pose practically no problem at all to the all powerful totalitarian fascist State of Great Britain, but not so the Muslims.

What shocks and saddened me is to see Muslims in a leading role joining and collaborating more and more with the State and joining the absolutely anti-Islamic System of Kufr. As a result, we have seen more and more Muslims leaving Islam and even engaging in anti-Islamic activities often under cover while still pretending to be Muslims. Among the Muslim apostates, Murtad, there are also some 200 Sodomites including Lesbians who have adopted a degenerate life styles and they have been recruited by the establishment and instructed to still call themselves “Muslims but Gay” in an attempt to explode Islam from within. Canada even has a “Muslim” Sodomite Mosque, probably even here in the United Kingdom of Judah.

Most leading Muslims have been bribed, blackmailed or simply convinced that it is in the best interest of “the Community” (there is no Muslim “Community”) to go along with the establishment. But, they are simply traitors and should never be trusted at all because I have witnessed them first hand operating on the terrain and especially after the Majlis al-Shura fi Britaniya (Muslim Parliament of Great Britain) sold out to the government after the passing away of Dr Kalim Siddiqui (may he rest in peace).

Despite all their collaboration and integration-assimilation, what have they achieved? They have achieved only the right to dress in a particular way, to pray and to operate a few grant-maintained religious schools, to eat halâl food, join their military while the British could go out with their armies of assassins and murder Muslims by the millions abroad or back and finance other countries to do so, like the Jewish hordes in occupied Palestine. Thousands of Muslim youths have turned to street life, drugs, fraud, and other crimes and the rest of the Muslim population live under oppression and in fear, and in a very aggressive, hostile and racist Britain. Two hundred of them are a protected species seen shamelessly parading in the streets of Britain and are applauded by the media because they are homosexual males and females and they attack Islam and Muslims while more and more of our Muslims youths are being incarcerated under suspicion of “terrorism”. Twenty years ago, Britain was the best place in Europe for Muslims. Those days are well gone.

“Lord” Nazir Ahmed is an old acquaintance of mine and I interviewed him once at the “House of Lords” for a French magazine “la médina”. Only one of my interviews was printed in that magazine and all my other pieces were suppressed. I suspected that some Sayanim had infiltrated the editing team. We both had “tea in the house of Lords” with the other “Lords” and their guests, but this did not mean a thing to me. Whether we are allowed to pray or read the Holy Qur’ân there, this did not prevent Britain from taking her armies out and mass murder Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and elsewhere or help and finance Jews to mass murder Palestinians.

Like Brother Ahmad Huber, Brother Massoud Shadjareh (a “Shi’a”) of the “Islamic Human Rights Commission” was another close acquaintance of mine when we were with the former Muslim Parliament. As for the homophilic “Muslim” Baroness Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi (Conservative) who is not against homosexual marriage (therefore not against adoption of children by Sodomites), it seems to me that she is from the Secret Shiite Isma’ili Sect (the Old Sect of the Hashashins – Assassins - who used to murder Muslim leaders). The modern Ismaïlis (Agha Khan and Company) hate Muslims and work for or with the British and Western establishment. (I hope I am not confusing Warsi with some other “baroness”.) But, she definitely cannot be the spokesperson of Muslims in Britain.

Sunday 4th December 2011 (1 AM

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