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NEWS DIGEST: ISIS Poses Existential Threat Like Israel;CIA/Mossad Behind ISIS

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But in the context of Syria, what would a better policy look like?
One that preserves stability in the Middle East. Syria is the heart of the Middle East. Everybody knows that. If the Middle East is sick, the whole world will be unstable.  [President Bashar al Assad]


"Democracy is imposed with fire, freedom with warplanes and human rights by human killing,"  Walid Moualim


After their internal instability, the Arab countries will realize the importance of cooperating with Israel,” boasted Ayalon



Hezbollah strike Qalamoun jihadis with help of drone

A Hezbollah missile annihilated a group of at least three Islamist militants in Syria's Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon Wednesday after being spotted by a drone, Al-Manar reported.

“All members of a group of Nusra takfiri [militants] were killed in an ambush by the resistance" between the outskirts of the Lebanese towns of Arsal and Nahleh on the Syrian side of the border, the Hezbollah-run channel said.

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah–Islamic State poses ‘existential threat’ akin to Israel, says Jewish state supporting jihadist group

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Hezbollah uses drone to kill 3 alleged, members of Nusra Front:

A Hezbollah missile ambushed a group of at least three Islamist militants in Syria's Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon Wednesday after being spotted by a drone, the party's Al-Manar TV reported.



Israel’s Looming War on Lebanon


Good’ Jewish girls take turns writing messages an Lebanon-bound shells a few years ago.

ed note (Tony)…With the new filthy Rat-Bastard Netanyahu government salivating over the chance to ‘add new chapters’ to their gods’ declaration of war on the rest of humanity (see Old Testament/Torah), you can bet your bottom dollar that the Jews will not pass up a chance to force Hezbollah to fight a two-front war. As this article points out, Hezbollah is helping Syria fight against western-backed terrorists in Syria. If Israel invades Lebanon, Hezbollah would have to fight to protect their homeland against illegal Israeli aggression.

Link here        


ISIS= JEWS         


“The future destruction of Palmyra will be a day of rejoicing for Israel” (Yev. 17a)

Ed-note (Sabba) – While Palmyra has absolutely no value whatsoever to Islam, Christianity or even to ISIS as an ‘islamic group’,  it holds a TREMENDOUS significance for the jews and judaism.

The key to understanding why the ruins of this ancient pearl of the desert have become a target rests in jewish ‘sacred’ texts:

“The day on which Tadmor is destroyed will be made a holiday” (Yeb. 16b-17a).

“Happy will he be who shall see the downfall of Tadmor” (Yer. Ta’an. iv. 8)

“The future destruction of Palmyra will be a day of rejoicing for Israel” (Yev. 17a)

Palmyra is the Tadmor of the Bible

And if more clarifying is needed, let us quote Rabbi Nir ben Artzi:

‘God has sent ISIS against nations that want to destroy Israel”.

The destruction of Palmyra is signed and sealed. It is another crime against Humanity, against the Memory of the Gentiles. It is a crime like no other, it is a crime for which even capital punishment would not be not enough.


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·         Air support for rebels is aggression: Syria


Foreign ministers of Syria and Armenia denounce Turkey’s support for the militants fighting against the Syrian government.


THE JEWISH DESTRUCTION OF THE ARAB WORLD IS IN FULL OPERATION using their Host countries to enforce their wars and commit the War Crimes against ALL ARABS

Mainstream Media Lie! CIA/Mossad Behind ISIS


Media's Deafening Silence Over West's and Israel's Alliance With al-Qaeda in Syria

By John Hilley

We can say with confidence that the mainstream press in the West supports Israel, and so does not find it convenient to report on this scandalous Israeli-al-Qaeda alliance in Syria.


US training of Syria mercenaries expands to Turkey: source:

The U.S. military has started training Syrian opposition fighters in Turkey to combat ISIS, an expected expansion of a program that first launched in Jordan weeks ago, a U.S. official told Reuters Thursday.


I suspect Russia will DUMP SYRIA as it did IRAQ and LIBYA! Russia is like a yo yo, one minute it doe sit own thing, next it allies itself with the West like it did voting against Yemen!! A Self serving super power that has no concerns for the People of Syria/Iraq/Yemen or even Palestine.


Russian, U.S. positions on Syria are getting closer, Lavrov says:

"Indeed, I think our positions with the United States are getting closer, first and foremost in regard to statements that there can be no alternative a political solution in Syria," Lavrov told a news conference.


To Beat ISIS, Kick Out US-led Coalition

By Sharmine Narwani

Washington has run fewer sorties over Syria and Iraq in the nine months since inception of its air campaign, than Israel ran in its entire three-week Gaza blitz in 2008-09.


US and NATO re-positioning military assets and are preparing to bring in troops to the middle east.


A declassified secret US government document obtained by the conservative public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.


Wesley Clark knows full well just WHO really created these radical Terrorists and the purpose for Israeli American Foreign Policies. He ALSO is more than aware that his own country is occupied and run By Israel that dictates American Foreign and Economic Foreign Policies


I wonder whether they will ever admit creating all these terrorist groups in order to advance their wara against Arab and Islamic countries which they are destroying one  by one, and also unleashing and spreading Anti Islamic Paranoia and propaganda – basically killing 2 birds with one stone!  One must always keep in mind that Western Governments are Jewish and Israeli occupied. The US and Canada openly work with them but the UK is the more dangerous as it does it behind the scenes, far more than any other Western puppets and Arab Puppets. The UK has been working alongside the Zionist Jews for far longer than the USA/Canada

DOD Admits Supporting ISIS, Buffer Zones In Syria, Docs Show Al-Qaeda Involvement From Beginning – No Moderates

Same with Al Baghdadi

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab


US begins training militants in Turkey


Biden proposes dividing Iraq into three pieces.

The senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee proposed Monday that Iraq be divided into three separate regions — Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni — with a central government in Baghdad.

In an op-ed essay in Monday’s edition of The New York Times, Sen. Joseph Biden. D-Del., wrote that the idea “is to maintain a united Iraq by decentralizing it, giving each ethno-religious group ... room to run its own affairs, while leaving the central government in charge of common interests.” Webmaster's Commentary: 

This from the same Federal Government trying to strip the states of all power and autonomy!


Key Iraq War Architect: “Our Objective Should Be a New Sunni State Out of the Western Part Of Iraq, the Eastern Part of Syria”

We’ve previously noted that the powers-that-be have been planning for MANY DECADES to break up Iraq into several countries.

And the same has been true for Syria.


Swedish Politician: US is the True Cause of the Masses of Refugees from the Middle East; Al Qaeda and ISIS Created, Funded, Trained and Armed By the CIA

Incidentally, it is now well known that both Al Qaeda and ISIS were created, funded, trained and armed by the CIA and other US security and military agencies themselves, in order to stir up violence that could then be used as excuses to intervene with military force towards covert political and financial ends. All according to objective international analysts, coinciding with highly credible sources within the US establishment itself.

Is it then reasonable to expect small countries like Sweden to tacitly accept the responsibility of caring for the resulting destitute refugees?



A declassified secret US government document obtained by the conservative public interest law firm, Judicial Watch, shows that Western governments deliberately allied with al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist groups to topple Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.

Look let’s clear up one  thing here, Obama is NOT the US President he is just the , a figure head , Black face in the White House, where he receives his orders from his Jewish Handlers/Rabbis

Obama ordered CIA to train ISIS jihadists: Declassified documents

U.S. intelligence documents released to a government watchdog confirms the suspicions that the United States and some of its so-called coalition partners had actually facilitated the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as an effective adversary against the government of the Syrian dictator President Bashar al-Assad. In addition, ISIS members were initially trained by members and contractors of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at facilities in Jordan in 2012.


Jeb Bush’s claim that Islamic State ‘didn’t exist when my brother was president’ "... Bush flatly stated as fact that ISIS did not exist when his brother was president — and that al-Qaeda in Iraq was wiped out when Obama took office.

“ISIS didn’t exist when my brother was president. Al Qaeda in Iraq was wiped out when my brother was president.”
–Former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R), remarks during a business roundtable in Portsmouth, N.H., May 20, 2015


Do you notice how these American officials who swear allegiance to Israel and the Neocons all come out of the woodwork after they retire to write their ‘memoirs’, suddenly dish out all the dirt, the lies etc.. They did not have the integrity to do it when they were in office but it makes great reading material or topics for TV interviews.


Twelve years after George W Bush initiated the illegal invasion of Iraq, ostensibly under the premise of preemptive self-defense, a stark majority  as many as 75% in 2014  feel the so-called war was a mistake. As evidence rapidly accumulates that Bush’s yearning to launch an aggressive attack was likelier due to a personal grudge than anything else, that number will surely swell. This past Tuesday, the former president’s intelligence briefer lent yet more plausibility to that theory in an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball, making an admission that the Bush White House misrepresented intelligence reports to the public on key issues.



Henningsen: Saudi Arabia’s ‘Imperial Debut’ in Yemen a Disaster

With the full backing and blessing of Washington and London, the Saudis continue abusing Yemen – while western arms and ‘defense’ contractors enjoy record profits in 2015…


Yemeni man to continue case against German government over role in US drone strikes

A German court has granted ‘immediate permission to appeal’ to a Yemeni man in his case seeking to expose and put an end to the German government’s role in the U.S. covert drone programme in Yemen.


Turkey, Saudi Arabia Coordinating Plans to Send ISIL Terrorists to Yemen:

"Saudi Arabia has made the needed coordination with Turkey to dispatch terrorists and their commanders to Yemen to take part in the attacks against Ansarullah fighters and Yemeni soldiers," Hamid Hossein al-Hamdani told FNA on Thursday.


Iraq exhumed 470 bodies from Tikrit mass graves: minister:

"We have exhumed the bodies of 470 Speicher martyrs from burial sites in Tikrit," Adila Hammoud said at a press conference in Baghdad, referring to the nearby military base that the massacre was named after.



ISIS the PAGAN goddess

Republicans' 'plans' for Isis would drag us into Iraq for another ground war: News Analysis -

Do you hear that? It's the sound of the groundwork being laid for US ground troops to return to Iraq for another indefinite war with no end game.


 Israel offers Iron Dome technology to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Breaks Record for Number of Beheadings In Only 5 Months

Last year, Saudi Arabia broke its own record for executions in the modern era by beheading 87 people. As horrific as that statistic is, the American ally is currently on track to more than double that number in 2015.


Saudis condemned for suicide attack on Shia mosque; GCC must release activists

The world was shocked by the unprovoked suicide attack on Friday worshippers on 22nd May at a mosque in the Eastern Province of the Arabian Peninsula. At least 21 Shia Muslims were killed and tens injured when a Saudi terrorist blew himself up in the midst of the worshippers at Imam Ali’s Mosque at AlQadeeh Town in Qatif. People blamed the AlSaud rulers for cultivating the culture of hate in the region that has witnessed unprecedented levels of hatred between the Wahhabi salafi adherents and the rest of people, especially Muslims and Christians. For the past four years the authorities have effectively encouraged extremists and reactionary clerics to spread the culture of hate on social networks, in mosques and official broadcasting. The funeral of the martyrs took place on Monday 25th May, attended by hundreds of thousands in the biggest ever mass funeral. The reverberations of the crime have echoed in many countries as people pointed to the regime for sowing the seeds of hatre d in the midst of the Muslims.

The Alkhalifa hereditary dictatorship has, meanwhile, continued its attack on civil liberties and arrested more native Bahrainis. Last week the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) was able to document a total of 37 arbitrary arrests, including 2 adult women and 4 children. 16 -year-old child Hussein Bashir was kidnapped two days ago, and is still missing. From Karzakkan Town, Nasr Uddin Essa Al Fardan was arrested on Thursday 21st May. From Abu Saiba Town Ali Al Zaki was also arrested on the same day. Hassan Assad was arrested last week but no news of him have been received yet. He is at high risk of torture and ill-treatment.

It is estimated that more than 1600 political prisoners at Jaw Prison have been subjected to torture or degrading treatment. At a Press Conference last week AlWefaq Society said that it was able to register 653 Bahrainis imprisoned in the first three months of this year, including 16 women and 119 children. Other sources said that more than 200 prisoners are denied proper medical treatment. Several young prisoners have developed suicidal tendencies after years of torture, solitary confinement and abuse. The regime has continued to detain and abuse under-aged children. Yesterday Lawyer Abdulla AlShamlawi tweeted: Judge renewed child Mohamed Mansour’s detention for the 7th week.

On Thursday 21st May Reuters published a report on a legal battle between an activist group and Britain over a decades-old diplomatic cable on Bahrain. The report said that the case had “exposed a thorny link between the UK's colonial past and its new military ambitions in a region it once dominated.” The Foreign Office has told a court in London that a censored assessment by a colonial officer of the Gulf Arab island's ruling Al Khalifa family may harm the UK's relationship with Bahrain as it seeks to build a naval base there. The two-page report is a 1977 record of a talk between a British official and Ian Henderson, a senior British security chief who advised Bahrain for decades after its independence. "What surprised me in our conversation was the gloomy view he took of the ability of the Al Khalifa to survive," the official wrote. The rest of the typewritten paragraph is heavily blacked out. Marc Owen Jones, a PhD student who brought the case on behalf of U K-based activist group Bahrain Watch, told Reuters he believes the censored parts disparage a living member of the ruling family. Edward Oakden, the Foreign Office's Middle East director noted an accord in December to put a long standing UK naval presence in Bahrain on a permanent footing at the Gulf state's expense, and said disclosing more of the paper could also harm British efforts to reform Bahrain's security forces

Human Rights Watch is seeking the release of activists in GCC countries. “EU High Representative Federica Mogherini should publicly urge Gulf countries to release immediately and unconditionally activists detained for exercising their rights,” Human Rights Watch said in a letter to her on 22nd May. The letter was sent ahead of a Gulf Cooperation Council-EU ministerial meeting in Doha on May 24, 2015. The GCC countries’ crackdown on freedom of expression and association has resulted in the imprisonment of many activists and dissidents. Member countries are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. “Despite the EU’s oft-stated commitment to human rights, it hasn’t so much thrown its weight behind advocates of human rights in the Gulf as nervously wagged its finger,” said Lotte Leicht, EU director. “The EU should take inspiration from the courage of detained GCC activists, and call for their immediate releas e… If the EU excludes its major trading partners in the oil-rich Gulf states from its oft-stated commitment to human rights, it will rightly be accused of hypocrisy,” Leicht said. “A weak EU response to Gulf states’ crackdowns on dissent isn’t going to help promote long-term stability in the Gulf.”

Bahrain Freedom Movement
27th May 2015
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,



·         Turkey’s Erdogan lives in ‘illegal’ palace

The construction of a $615-million, 1150-room palace for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is declared “illegal."


'What is UAE desperately hiding?'

United Arab Emirates authorities deny an Amnesty International expert entry to the country.


Bit late for this stinking Masonic Feudal Lord to speak up against his Buddhists’ war crimes against Rohingyas. How many thousands did he wait for  to be massacred before asking the other hypocrite Suu Kyi to speak up about the plight of these poor Muslim Rohingyas and where the hell are the other Muslim countries’ leaders’ voices????!!!!

Suu Kyi urged to protest Rohingya plight of suspected trafficking victims found in Malaysia



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[Human Organ trafficking definitely crossed my mind too]


Nuclear Iran 1,000 times more dangerous than ISIS – Netanyahu


·         Give more money, we’ll shut up on Iran’

Benjamin Netanyahu is asking the US to provide Israel 50 percent more money for weapons and “we’ll shut up” on Iran nuclear talks, an American journalist says.


·         Russia keen on building N-plants in Iran


     Lieberman’s vision: Gulf states and Israel together against Iran

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   The Iran Talks Game Changer: An Israeli-Hezbollah War?

     By Trita Parsi and Paul Pillar

     There are signs Israel may be at war again this summer.





Ed-note (Sabba) – Yehudi Arabia has allegedly rejected  the israeli offer and the question we should ask is not why has she refused but rather why has the jewish state made such offer.


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It gives Iran trouble on the Nuke issue but then as its own interests come into play, it strikes deals with Iran- bloody hypocrisy and Iran is stupid enough to play ball  whilst France mouthpieces  Jewish Israeli demands




continue reading……………….




·         France digs in for Iran trade with six deals


Iran and France have signed six cooperation agreements for a series of projects in livestock and fish farming and exports of Iranian organic products to the EU as a senior representative of the French agriculture






U.S. "defense" aid to Israel to rise over Iran deal fears: sources:


A current package worth $3 billion a year expires in 2017. A U.S. official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said negotiators were close to a new deal that would bring annual payouts to $3.6-$3.7 billion on average.




Iran to UN: Israeli defense minister threatened to nuke us


Tehran claims Ya’alon’s comments on ‘steps’ Israel may take, alongside references to Hiroshima bombing, were an implicit threat


ed note–of course this was a threat to nuke Iran and to wipe it ‘off the map’ as maniacal, hysterical Jews are constantly accusing Iran of doing. The difference is, Israel can get away with it because she holds the bulk of the western mind in a spell of sorts encompassing not only the political realm, but everything else as well. In addition to this, what must be remembered is that the god of the Jews–Yahweh–demands a burnt sacrifice in order to be appeased. During biblical times, Jews used goats, rams, sheep, etc. Now, having equated Gentiles with barnyard animals, the burnt offerings they offer to their diabolical god takes on the form of war, incineration, and, in the case of Ya’alon’s threats, the use of nukes.


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Iran lawmakers consider bill to protect transgender people


A bill that would provide better protection for transsexuals in Iran has been sent to researchers in parliament, the ISNA news agency quoted an official as saying on Tuesday.


Under a fatwa or religious decree by the Islamic republic’s founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran recognises transsexuality.


Afghan Tribal leaders made a huge treacherous agreement to ally themselves with the West. It has only brought death and destruction to its people, giving the USA a free rein to kill with impunity as many Afghans as it wishes


Six killed in US assassination drone strike in Afghanistan:


At least six people have been killed in the latest US drone strikes on Afghanistan's Nuristan and Kunar provinces. The first of the Wednesday raids in the northeastern province of Nuristan claimed the lives of five people.


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