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NEWS DIGEST: US Police Brutality, Talmudism & Ukraine!

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The Truth About 9/11

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NEWS DIGEST: US Police Brutality, Talmudism & Ukraine!

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Maisoon  ميسون
" A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not stake their own":  
H.G. Wells
"America has become a killing machine, driven by an ideology in which human life is but a worthless commodity that can be exploited and discarded." Finian Cunningham
The plan by the Zionists was to use America’s Super power status to achieve its imperialist goals across the Globe whilst also at the same time ensuring its political and economic demise- bleeding it dry financially and most importantly, morally- turning it into a perceived pariah State which is what Israel has always been. The American Zionists, Jew and Christian alike know exactly what is happening to the USA and I suspect are not too  bothered because they can always transfer themselves to Tel Aviv where the lifestyle there is as debauched, immoral, corrupt as theirs has been in the US. I would not be at all surprised if many of them have already bought properties there to enjoy their lives, retirement in the other Great Satan of Eretz Israel. There also maybe a few of them who will experience a terrible culture shock and finally realise the true cost of their betrayal of the USA by the Israelis, by World Jewry and their Rothschild Controllers who have engineered USA’s demise.
The author here is somewhat disingenuous in ignoring the fact that the United itself is politically Occupied and is in fact carrying out the Foreign and Economic Policies of an shadow Foreign government, just like the UK Government which is also occupied by the same Force. It is the Rothschild Secret Mafia in its throne in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem that is the biggest threat to World Peace and harmony. Rothschilds dominate all aspects of western Policies, the buy people, Corporations and create Wars which they fund and instigate. They are the richest people on this planet and are behind so many conflicts as they try to impose their New world Order, using the US Super power to achieve its domination
I would in fact give it its correct and more apt spelling of Sinagogue- Sins  and partnered with Gogue and Magog who are prophesied will return to  this earth to carry out their sins but who will be defeated, along with Satan, by God and His Messenger, Jesus Christ,pbuh, who unlike the Jews and their false Judaism, is the Light unto this world.This reminds me of another Catholic priest who warns us all about today’s Jewry, one Father Feeley. I sadly lost the article.
Synagogue Rising
Preface: A Word From the Author
World apostasy and “the hour granted to the power of darkness;”  Organized forces driving man individually and mankind collectively into total apostasy from God and Totalitarian Tyranny; These forces, invisible and visible, are three: Satan and his legions of demons, Judaism and Freemasonry; Extinguishing the Light of Christ from the world of man; This writing not “anti-Semitic” but an act of charity and work of mercy; Conspiracy “theories” vs. historically factual conspiracies; This book does not address any conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact, conspiracy history, conspiracy THEOLOGY; Exposing the Judaism of Christ-hatred; “Their madness is according to the likeness of a serpent;” The Catholic Action formula of resistance, restoration and reconstruction; Prayer, study and action; Not all Jews are our enemies – only the guilty ones; Christ’s preeminent mission: “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”  This must be our mission as well
1. Two Kingdoms at War: A Brief Overview
Demons gather in hell on the very day of the Crucifixion; a conspiracy is hatched at the “Council of the Malignant” to devise a plan to counter the Redemption; The Pharisees are their point-men; 20 centuries later, crypto-Judaic-Totalitarianism threatens to consummate the overthrow of God on earth by ratifying a One World Tyranny under the framework of a New World Order; Conflict of the Ages; God is pouring out His wrath upon the nations that acknowledge Him not; A slew of errors – from Russia with hate; Crypto-Judaic Totalitarianism; Synagogue of Satan; Talmud, Kabbalah and Holocaust – sum and substance of the demonic “deposit of faith” and unholy trilogy of Antichrist theology; Catholic theology coupled with a Catholic worldview and spirit of militancy. 
2-Do Not Allow The Faithful to be Deceived
Revolutionary Judaism can only be effectively countered by counterrevolutionary Catholicism; Eminent churchmen warn of conspiracy of the Synagogue – Fr. Oreglia, Msgr. Dillon, Msgr. Delassus, Msgr. Jouin, Rev. Garcia Bishop of Tuy, Fr. Fahey, Bp. Sigaud, Maurice Pinay (pseudonym for 12 priests who collaborated in the writing of The Plot Against the Church), Msgr. Lefebvre; Lefebvre was not silent on the Jewish threat as many of his supporters are led to believe; He clearly identified “Israel” and “the Jews” in the plot to discredit his person and disrupt his mission; The Supreme Pontiffs sound the alarm; the Popes take decisive action against Jewish menace.
3-Traditional Teaching on the Jews
Sicut Ludeis Non – a policy of charity, doctrinal integrity and militant self-defense; St. John Crysostom says Jewish life is not a venerable one; The “Judaizing Disease” of the popular notion of Judeo-Christian heritage; St. Bernard instructs that Jews are not to be persecuted; St. Thomas Aquinas teaches that the words from the Cross, “Father forgive them,” apply to the Jewish people but not to the Jewish leaders; The question of deicide and the collective responsibility of the Jews for the death of Christ; The Church shows Jews the same charity even after the Talmud became known; WWII, the Jews and the Pope who stood herocially against Hitler; Jewish praise for Pius XII.
4-The Chosen People No Longer
Jesus Christ Catholic; the God of Israel; “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not;” Mosaic and Sinai covenant defunct; The Lord God of Israel makes a new covenant with the House of Israel; The faithful Jew adheres to the teachings of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus; Judaism based on the refusal of the Messiah broke its covenant with God; Old and New Testaments alike center on Christ; Limited number with lineage to Abraham; Modern Jews mostly of Khazar ancestry; Christians responsible for the Passion, Jews for the Crucifixion; The Catholic Church is the new Israel; Catholics the new chosen people.
5. Jews’ False Claim to Palestine
That Jews have no right to Holy Land is asserted by the Church up to the death of Pius XII; St. Pius X explains why this purported “right” cannot be conceded; Why Jews were dispersed throughout the world and why they were to remain so until their acceptance of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord; Not a few Jews speak against Zionism. 
‘……..6-The Revolutionary Jew – The “Chosen People” of Satan
Brief survey of the history of Pharisaic, rabbinic, Talmudic, Khazarian Jewry; “People of the Serpent;” Judaism and the Revolution; Beginning with Barabbas; Negating the fruits of the Redemption; “We are the fathers behind all revolutions;” Jews a menace to all nations; they were behind the world’s plunge from Christianity into liberalism, immorality, secularism, world apostasy and global totalitarianism; Jews behind most heresies, secret societies, revolutions and wars from the 4th thru 21st centuries; The Judaic war against Christ, His Church and Christian nations; The great charity of the Inquisitors; Gregory IX uncovers the Talmud; Talmud condemned by Trent; Benedict XIV’s injunction of 1751; Predator Capitalism and the Rise of the Rothschilds; The Rothschild Protocols of 1773; Rothschilds fund the Illuminati; Jewish financial supremacy, economic domination; Creating a World Dictatorship under Rabbinic hegemony; The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita; The Letter of Piccolo Tigre; Msgr. Delassus on kindred spirits of Judaism, Freemasonry, Americanism and Modernism; The Synagogue targets the New World; “Jewish roots of American Constitution;” U.S. founding principles condemned by the Church; The Jewish spirit behind Americanism’s “civil religion;” Liberty for all but Christ’s one true Church; Jews gather at anti-Council of Leipzig to promote principles of 1789 to insure future of Judaism; Masonry, the Illuminati and the French Revolution; Jews at the innermost circles of Freemasonic initiation;  Freemasonry: secret government of the revolutionary Jew; Sect of darkness; occult Judaism, the Illuminati and the OTO; Immigration and inculturation for the undoing of Christian society; Jews behind Open Immigration Law of 1965; Pantheism and the New Age Movement; Modern psychology/psychiatry; kings of porn; lords of slavery and prostitution; Jews behind sexual revolution of the 1960s; Divide and conquer in the name of “Civil Rights; Leaders of the abortion holocaust; Communism a Talmudic creation; Discerning historians; The spirit of the world is the Jewish spirit – anti-supernatural and supranationalist; Neo-Modernism and the Jewification of the Church; Neo-modernism worse than modernism; Mary, so hated by the damned in hell and their human collaborators on earth, has repeatedly warned about this crisis; Fatima Third Secret divulges apostasy within hierarchy, warns of future evil council (Vatican II) and the destruction of altering the liturgy of the Mass (New Mass); Schism, another of Russia’s errors, impacting the modern Church; The untold story of Jews as Nazi collaborators; Jews that bankrolled the Third Reich; Rakovsky’s startling confession; Hitler, Nazi and Zionist alliance;  Zionism a monstrous malignancy; Today’s greatest threat: the Synagogue not the Mosque; the historic authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; U.S. Military confirms Protocols’ authenticity in 1919; Other Protocols not to be discounted; Zionism, three world wars and the dawning New World Order.
7-Talmud & Kabbalah – Chains
of the Rabbinic Captivity
Babylonian Talmud compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf; Unspeakable blasphemies against Jesus and Mary; Talmud as ultimate hate literature; Less offensive forgeries published in order to disarm critics; Gnosticism, pantheism and the New Age; The real hate criminals; Satanic verses; pagan mysticism and a pagan priesthood;  Kabbalah and Black Magic; Author of The Talmud Unmasked assassinated for disclosing Talmud’s darkest secrets;  Msgr. Dalassus terms the Talmud “the code of hatred most violent”; Christ Himself spoke against the orally transmitted Talmudic corruption of the Torah.
8-Rabbinic Judaism Thrives on
The notion of dangerous minds; The Blame Game a diversion; Dogma of Perpetual Victimhood – exploiting it to the maximum; The word shuts down reason and discredits critics; Anti-Semitism is “indispensable” to Jewish agenda; Anti-Semitism “the greatest scam ever perpetuated on the human race;” Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism; The hysteria of Jewish victimhood; The Holocaust Industry and Dogma; The Fallacy of Catholic “anti-Semitism;” The new anti-Semitism; Catholics abhor Jew hatred; The Catholic Church condemned anti-Semitism long before Vatican II; Why Catholics must not apologize for historic “anti-Semitism;” “The Church had nothing to do with the rise of modern anti-Semitism’” Who are the real anti-Semites?  Deploring anti-Semitism does not mean Catholics should surrender to the Synagogue of Satan; Resistance to their evil designs a requirement of true Catholicism; our silence or non-resistance is worse than cowardice – it is treason against Christ the King; Compromising Traditional Catholics find it expedient to jump on the anti anti-Semitic bandwagon; The ultimate objective of Anti-Semitism is to keep Christ from the throne of His social Kingship; The Inquisition defended; The Popes were justified in taking action against Jewish perfidy; Exposing Jewish perfidy not Jew hatred but an act of mercy; Hate crimes and other lies.
9-Jewish Dominance in America………………………’
10- The Phony “War on Terror” – Israel’s Complicity in the 9/11 Terror Attacks
Prior knowledge a factual certainty; Massive government cover-up;  Treason at the highest levels of power; the media complicity; An inside and outside job – uncovering the Israeli/Mossad connection; 9/11 pre-attack warnings; Mossad moles in the Pentagon and Dept. of defense; Israel’s foreknowledge; the Israeli motive; “A war for Israel not America;” Mossad unmasked; Israeli spies safely escorted out of country; Mossad hit squads; Jew Kissinger invited to head 9-11 commission; Capt. May’s testimony; The “Clash of Civilizations” myth; The main threat, again, not the Mosque but the Synagogue; Jews are further from Christ than Muslims; Crusades were morally just defensive wars (in contrast to today’s immorally aggressive wars); Today’s War on Terror more a REIGN OF TERROR; War on Terror clearly forbidden by the Church’s Just War doctrine.
11. Israel Our Enemy
12. Israel & The Rape of the Holy Land: Invasion, War, Occupation,
Oppression & Genocide
Holy Land targeted; Six myths about Zionism; The idolatry of Israelitism; Pius XII laments the secularization of the Holy City and desacralization of the holy places; The notion of master race and deification of Israel; The illusion of Jewish exceptionalism and the idolatry of race, religion and nationality; The Israel of God vs. the Israel of the flesh; Pius XI condemns extreme nationalism which applies not only to Nazi \germany but Zionist Israel (no less than the USA); Revolutionary Jewry moves on Russia and the Holy Land – communism and two world wars open the way; Solzhenitsyn asserts Jews behind atheistic communism; Zionist war ethics knows no moral prohibitions; Israel, Satan’s Kingdom; The aggressor nation; Direful atrocities in graphic detail; Acts of inhumanity and sacrilege unlimited; Muslim rage the product of Jewish inhumanity and genocide.
13-Rome’s Thirty Pieces of Silver
Jews help forge the Counterfeit Church; the Counterfeit Church helps facilitate Jewish world supremacy; Today’s Judases inside the Church; Surrendering to the counter-Church; Novus Ordo Missae and the Jewification of the Catholic Mass; Vatican II and Judaism; The Jewish Fifth Column; Jules Isaac and Rome’s break with the past;  Modernist Rome buckles under pressure from Jews; Syllabus of Errors from Jewish-Catholic dialogue; Conversion of Jews and steadfast opposition to Jewish conspiracy no longer Church policy; Conciliar Church accepts “chosen people” and “dual-covenant” theories; Jewish pressure to stop canonizations of Pius XII and Queen Isabella; Revolution in the Church gets underway: The Vatican-Moscow Agreement; Little difference between Ratzinger the liberal theologian and Benedict the “conservative” pope;  The attack is primarily against Christ and His Church; Fatima’s 3rd secret and Vatican’s sellout to the Synagogue of Satan; Mideast bishops condemn “Christian Zionism;”
14-The Holocaust – The Crucifixion
Eclipsed by the “Six Million”
The question of the Holocaust is more theological than historic; Revolutionary Jewry behind Jewish suffering; The myth of the “victim Jew;” Jews cry “six million” during FIRST World War; Hitler’s “Final Solution” – deportation! The Holocaust as another “chain” used to keep Jews enslaved under the Rabbinic Captivity;  the Holocaust as smokescreen; overshadowing the preeminent Holocaust in history – the Holy Sacrifice of the Son of God on Calvary; Solid proofs of the myth of the six million and gas chambers;  The truth about Pius XII; The Bp. Williamson affair in perspective; How traditional Catholics handed Jews a major victory by not defending Bp. Williamson who spoke truth to power – as did Christ Himself; Michael Hoffman’s brilliant analysis; Christ crucified overshadowed by Six Million crucified;  The Holocaust as supreme dogma and sacrament of the Counterfeit Church, nothing less than a principal tenet of Antichrist theology.
15-Consequences and Conclusions
of the Utmost Severity
Overview recap and conclusions. Why exposing “Holocaustism” is central to the struggle surrounding the Kingship of Christ and the overthrow of the Reign of Satan in the modern world; Beware of Traditional Catholics who parrot the Zionist party line; Demons dwell in the synagogues; Evil on the march; The mystery of iniquity unfolding before us; Totalitarian trends and the occupation of America are the signs of the times…’;
16-Mobilization For Counterrevolution
The right and duty to resist –
America’s southern border has disintegrated. Ebola has entered America, Russia and NATO are mobilizing in and around Ukraine in what could be the beginning of World War III our economy is one slight push from free fall, we have foreign troops who have promised us harm, training on our soil. And all of this is the short list of challenges presented to inhabitants of America by the New World Order. The biggest question is, WHAT DO I TELL MY SON ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER? WHAT WILL YOU TELL YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER?
Beware the World’s Leading War-Monger and Terrorist Organization
by DAVE LINDORFF                                    
There’s an old adage that goes: “You can judge a man by the company he keeps.”

Pentagon Hands Lucrative Guantanamo Bay Deal to Notorious Private Security Company

A British private security company that has been accused of numerous human rights violations has been handed a $118 million deal by the Pentagon to provide "operating support services" for the Guantanamo Bay naval base that houses the U.S. military's notorious prison.
The Department of Defense announced earlier this week that G4S has been granted the contract to provide services that include "family housing, facility management, facility investment, other (swimming pools), custodial, pest control, integrated solid waste management, grounds maintenance and landscaping, base support vehicles and equipment, electrical, wastewater, water, and limited facilities support functions." The statement did not mention any duties relating to the Guantanamo Bay prison, which currently holds 149 men without charge or trial. this company's penchant for violently handling prisoners is well-documented. As reported at on 29 April, 2014:
More than 100 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons launched a mass hunger strike last week against Israel's policy of administrative detention, a draconian practice whereby Palestinians are detained on "secret evidence" and without being charged. According to Randa Kamel, an advocacy officer for Addameer, a group that monitors Israel's arrests and imprisonment of Palestinians, many of these hunger strikers are being held in prisons using surveillance and security equipment provided by the controversial British security firm G4S. Earlier this month, Palestinian human rights organizations launched a campaign calling on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to divest from G4S, which they say is "at the heart of [Israel's prison] system, installing and running security systems at Israeli jails." Across the Israeli-occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, G4S also provides security services at many Israeli military checkpoints that control Palestinian movement. The petition is being spearheaded by Addameer and the Palestine Boycott Divestment and Sanctions National Committee. It was also endorsed by an additional 121 Palestinian and international organizations. The Gates Foundation is a global development organization that works in the areas of global health, global development, and betterment in the United States. Despite its public record as a force for global betterment, the Gates Foundation solicited widespread criticism when it purchased $172 million in G4S shares.

Israel – a Sanctuary for Nevada Gambling Boss?

Yesterday, federal officials took into custody the reputed partner of gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, the chief financial backer for the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and primary financier for America’s GOP or Republican Party.
Welcome to Martial Law in the USA as the Pentagon Arms its police in military fashion with help from the FBI- POLICE STATE and the Government want no Media present to take photos/videos as they do not want the world to know what they are doing to suppress dissent ad protests at yet another indiscriminate shooting of an unarmed young African American. It appears the US POLICE have been trained very well by their Israeli IOF trainers- to kill young unarmed youth, preferably, shoot to kill, as well as beating up women and the elderly. So many similarities between the methods Israel uses against Palestinians now being applied by US Police Forces against African Americans, Latinos and other ethnic groups[ excluding of course the dominant ruling Jewish Elite]
Institutionalized racism, militarization of police in US
Israel-trained Police "Occupy" Missouri After Killing of Black Youth
 By Rania Khalek
At least two of the four law enforcement agencies that were deployed in Ferguson up until Thursday evening - received training from Israeli security forces in recent years.
·         Fatal shooting in US sparks outrage

Cops Gone Wild - Paul Craig Roberts

Ferguson, Mo. is a small overwhelmingly black town whose government and police are white. The Ferguson police murdered an 18 year old black kid who has his hands over his head. Moreover, it is unclear that the kid had committed any offense. If you take a look at the photo of the three goon thugs pointing military rifles in his face at point blank range, any one of the over-sized goons unarmed could have restrained the small kid.
So what did the police goons do? They shot him to death.
This is murder. There is no question whatsoever that it is murder. But it will be covered up by the white government and the white police force if protests are limited to the black small town population of Ferguson. Who cares about them? Justice? That’s only for the mega-rich.

3-Washington Has Placed The World On The Road To War

The drums for war are being loudly beaten in Washington, European capitals, and the presstitute Western media. A headline in the Asia Times is “NATO Is Desperate For War.” This time the target is Russia, a major nuclear power.
The deadly consequences of such a war would extend beyond Russia, Europe, and the US to the entire world. The Western use of lies to demonize Russia endangers life on earth and reveals the West to be both reckless and irresponsible. Yet, few voices are raised against this recklessness and irresponsibility.

James Risen, Surveillance and Obama’s Threat to Journalism

The Obama administration’s espionage case against alleged CIAwhistleblower Jeffrey Sterling is expected to come to trial soon, six years after he was indicted. In addition to Sterling, also on trial will be a central pillar of our democratic society: press freedom.
Federal prosecutors allege that Sterling leaked classified information to New York Times reporter and author James Risen. Risen has written many exposés on national security issues. In one, published in his 2006 book “State of War,” he details a failed CIA operation to deliver faulty nuclear bomb blueprints to the government of Iran, to disrupt that country’s alleged weapons program. Federal prosecutors think Sterling leaked the details of that operation to Risen. They want Risen to divulge his source in court, which he has so far refused to do, asserting the First Amendment’s protections of the free press. James Risen has vowed to go to jail rather than “give up everything I believe in.”

President Obama: "No Excuse" For "Excessive Force"

Obama: “Police Should Not be Bullying or Arresting Journalists Just Trying to do Their Jobs”

Listen Now: Tony Gosling - Ukraine Psychological Warfare

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
Investigative reports: Ukraine Psychological Warfare latest – solar farms – UK nuclear power latest – fraudulent fracking surveys – Siemens secretly manufacturing and storing human Microchips

Distract Russia with her own problems whilst feeling free to carry out atrocities in the Middle East- Iraq, Palestine and Syria. NATO just itching for a war

While the world is focused on the first deployment of US marines in Iraq in nearly a decade, as "humanitarian advisors" of course so as not to destroy the Nobel peace prize-winning aura of the US president who is rapidly becoming a warmonger on par with his predecessor, a far more dangerous development took place overnight with nobody noticing, when the Pentagon announced that approximately 600 soldiers from the Army’s 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division will deploy to Poland and the Baltic states to help reassure European allies who feel threatened by Russian military moves.
Babi Yar: Critical Questions and Comments

Ukrainians in Czech Republic called up to serve in war

Some Ukrainian men living in the Czech Republic have received call-up orders from the military and they face up to five years in prison for draft evasion if they ignore it, the daily Lidové noviny (LN) writes today.
Some 20,000 Ukrainian men in the Czech Republic, mainly immigrants with long-term or permanent residence permits, have been called up. Most of them came to the country to seek jobs, but they did not announce their stay to the Ukrainian authorities, LN writes.

Ukraine Passes Russian Sanctions Law: Gas Transit Halt Seems Imminent

The Ukrainian parliament approved a law on Thursday to impose sanctions on Russian companies and individuals "for financing terrorism." As Reuters reports, Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk told parliament that "by approving the law on sanctions, we showed that the country is able to protect itself." The first 'threat' though - that European energy companies would have to agree major contract revisions when purchasing Russian natural gas, potentially disrupting supplies in the coming winter months - seems suicidal... and EU leaders are not happy.

Putin Says The Petrodollar Must Die, "The Dollar Monopoly In Energy Trade Is Damaging Russia's Economy"

On one hand, despite initial weakness following Europe's triple-dip red alert, futures declined only to surge higher after some headline or another out of Russia was again spun to suggest imminent Ukraine de-escalation (something which Russia whose only interest is to keep crude prices high, has absolutely zero interest in), perpetuating a rumor which was set off by a Russian media outlet tweet last week that has sent S&P futures over 50 higher in less than a week on... nothing.
On the other, Putin just said the following, which no matter how one spins it, shows precisely how Russia is inclined vis-a-vis future (un-de-counter) escalations.
BRILLIANT! Putin out-thinks the US again! By charging Roubles for Russia's oil, Putin will force European countries to have to trade Euros for Roubles, leaving the US dollar high and dry.
The US cannot complain about Russia selling its oil for the Rouble without telegraphing to the world that all these wars of conquest have been about keeping the global oil trade in US dollars only.
Ukraine crisis: the neo-Nazi brigade fighting pro-Russian separatists:
Kiev throws paramilitaries - some openly neo-Nazi - into the front of the battle with rebels
Ukraine Says It Destroyed Part of Armed Convoy From Russia:
Ukraine said its troops attacked and partially destroyed a column of armed vehicles that had crossed the border from Russian territory, while Russia said it was concerned about an attack on another convoy carrying aid.
Ukraine Border Guards Begin Inspecting Russian Aid Convoy:
Ukrainian border guards and customs officials on Friday began inspecting a Russian humanitarian aid cargo for eastern Ukraine at a border point inside Russia, a Ukrainian military statement said.
Russian Tanks in Ukraine? Consider the Source: Analysis:
British propaganda outlets from the BBC, to the Guardian and Telegraph are claiming columns of Russian armor have been seen moving into Ukraine. Of course, their articles only provide photographic evidence of the armor inside of Russia, but none proving it crossed the border.
No Russian troops crossed into Ukraine - FSB:
Russia's Security Service (FSB) has denied reports that the country's troops have crossed the border into Ukraine. Border guards have been deployed to provide security near the frontier, but they operate only on the Russian side, the FSB said.
More to the point, the onus is on Ukraine to present some evidence, in fact any evidence, of a destroyed Russian military convoy instead of merely building upon a story conceived by the two UK media outlets, because if Ukraine indeed has no evidence, then its story falls apart and what's worse, the credibility and reputation of its government, of NATO and certainly of the UK press would be in tatters.
So what other possibility is there? Well, one that is all too unpalatable for Ukraine, namely that in its excitement to blow something up, it may have well destroyed some of its own military vehicles.
 are Europeans that stupid to think that their sanction upon Russia would be a one sided affair. Israel is behind this war in the Ukraine. Once again Israel is re shaping Europe and causing Ethnic divisions, giving rise to antagonism, incitement and suspicion. This is what Jews do best, stirring up the Ethnic mix and diversity of Peoples who lived together peacefully till they incited and sowed the seeds of disharmony. All the while, Israel gets richer as it bleeds other countries dry of their wealth and resources. EU is certainly shooting itself in the foot, thus harming itself with these Zionist imposed sanctions on Russia
EU Farmers To Lose $16 Billion as Russians Support Food Embargo:
The EU commissioners are seeking ways of reducing the harmful impact that Russia's food import ban is causing the European economy, although it is early to speak of exact numbers of losses, experts say.
A movie that chronicles the history of greed, corruption, and coverups of Hillary Clinton. What’s more unbelievable – Hillary’s nefarious exploits or the media’s coverup of them? This movie was banned from TV.

"How can we feel like we can have free speech if there's guy staring down a sniper rifle as we speak?" - Powerful Video Captures The Turbulent Scene

"That's what this is about. Intimidation," one protester told the Times.
New York Times video journalist Brent McDonald traveled to Ferguson, Forty-five percent of US citizens don't trust in justice amid police killings of civilians, according to a poll by HuffPost and YouGov in the immediate aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown, a black teen, by a white officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson By Glenn Greenwald

After Ferguson shooting, nearly half of Americans don't believe in justice - poll:

13 Photos From The Protests In Ferguson, Missouri, You Won't Believe Happened In The United States Of America

Protests entered their fifth and most tense day in Ferguson, Missouri, in response to a police officer on Saturday fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, and it's hard to look at the photos and believe the scene is in the United States.
From heavily armed SWAT officers aiming rifles at unarmed civilians to the use of intimidating armored vehicles — it looks less small-town U.S.A. and more like Egypt's Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring. The behavior of police is similar — albeit less deadly — in the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and a deafening loudspeaker meant to break up the demonstration officers had declared "no longer peaceful."

Massacre Announced: Brazil PM to evict 20K people in $6.5B land grab

20,000 people in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, are to be attacked by 10,000 military police and evicted from their homes in a land grab mega-operation intent on creating a 6.5 billion dollar profit. 8,000 families will have their houses be demolished, and be thrown into total poverty and homelessness. The military police’s operation is illegal, there is not even a court decision yet for the mass eviction, and the state has not and does not intend to provide alternate housing. Police are simply interested in clearing the land from the 20,000 inhabitants so that real estate can turn it into profit.
Dumb Japanese, political whores of USA and Israel betraying their own people by not telling them the truth about the Fukushima nuclear disaster which was a direct result of Israeli/US/Siemen Computer virus STUXNET.  Once again a Jew is responsible for a widescale tragic disaster, that will remain incalculable as the rate of cancers will dramatically increase.  And th Japanese people with no honour, continue to remain in the servititude of their Western dominated Government, whose handlers continue to abuse the Japanese and incite them into a possible war scenario with China.
'Kids die, govt lie!' Ex-mayor exposes real scale of radiation in Fukushima: Video -
Nearly three years ago, Fukushima nuclear plant disaster forced thousands out of their homes. This also led to deaths of many more. Tokyo claims the effects are all but gone; however disturbing facts sometimes rise to the surface.

The 11 most senseless benefit sanction decisions known to man



A man with heart problems who was on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) had a heart attack during a work capability assessment. He was then sanctioned for failing to complete the assessment.
Via Debbie Abrahams MP.
Army veteran Stephen Taylor, 60, whose Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) was stopped after he sold poppies in memory of fallen soldiers.
Via the Daily Mirror. 
A man had to miss his regular appointment at the job centre to attend his father’s funeral. He was sanctioned even though he told DWP staff in advance.
Via Political Scrapbook.
EBOLIA MANMADE VIRUS CREATED BY THE NWO GANG- promote not only deaths but also use of Vaccines which in themselves  are contaminated, but that does not bother the Drug Companies planning to profit from their Sales. There is an Antidote, but the ordinary victims will never get it. Notice how this Virus is predominantly targeting poor African Nations that have rich resources.

Ghana Doctors’ threat to flee Ebola patients sad

Former President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana has said he felt sad upon hearing that some Ghanaian Doctors had threatened fleeing Ebola patients should the haemorrhagic virus hits home.
“I feel sad when I hear medical personnel talk of how they will flee if they suspect a patient to be infected with the virus," the former Military ruler said.
“All medical personnel need urgent education on their responsibilities as far as the disease is concerned and protective clothing should be provided to all medical facilities," he suggested.

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