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The Truth About 9/11

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The Israel Lobby (AIPAC)

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Americans, the stringpullers don't want you to see this documentary! The suppressed number ONE blockbuster of Google's 'Movers and Shakers' list. (see ) This originally Dutch tv production features the Israel lobby (particularly AIPAC) in the USA. It contains interviews with John Mearsheimer, geo-strategist Lawrence Wilkerson, Richard Perle, historian and critic Tony Judt, John Hagee, former Congressman Earl Hilliard, Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, Michael Massing and Daniel Levy. (The footage of Mahathir Mohamad and some other things in the introduction are additions) --RELATED INFORMATION-- -pdf- Harvard report 'THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND U.S. FOREIGN POLICY' Jewish newspaper Ynetnews article 'Stalin's Jews...


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