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The Truth About 9/11

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World War & The Last Prophecies - Sheikh Imran Hosein

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A very powerful, relevant, timely and enlightening interview especially about what is happening in our world today. The Sheikh addresses the following subjects:

  • Islamic Eschatology and it's explanation of Israel's quest for world rule
  • Current Situation in Pakistan
  • Monetary basis for the coming world war
  • ISIS
  • Russia and Ukraine
  • The Kennedy assassination and it's relationship with Indonesia
  • And much, much more...

This is truly a MUST LISTEN interview for all!



david pidcock
#1 Daud Musadavid pidcock 2014-09-07 18:01
17- In the Saheeh hadith of Ahmed and Abu Dawood and Ibn Maja and Ibn Haban, (Albani also classified it as saheeh) that on the authority of Dhi Mukhmar, The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings be Upon him) The Romans will make a treaty with you, and then you shall all fight a common enemy, then you shall be victorious and share the spoils, then you will go to an area of mountainous green forest, there a man from the Romans will raise the cross and exclaim to all that "The Cross is indeed victorious", so one of the Muslim men will rise up and kill him, upon that the Romans will begin to betray the treaty and battles will follow and the Romans will gather against you under 80 banners each banner will encompass 12 thousand troops" (Justin Webb on the BBC World Service in 2005 announced that the number of troops deployed by the coalition against Iraq and Afghanistan was 960,000 i.e. 12,000 x 80 = 960,000). Numbers Confirmed in the following data from Wikipedia.
#2 Romans does not equal NATONashid 2014-09-13 16:46
the coalition against Iraq and Afghanistan was 960,000 i.e. 12,000 x 80 = 960,000
Thank you Dr. Pidcock for your comment. In your assumption you are saying that NATO alliance are the Romans the Prophet (saaw) was talking about. This is completely false according to Sheikh Imran Hosein. The Romans are Russia and orthodox Christianity. If you have not listened to the whole interview, please do because the Sheikh explains this very clearly.

The part about the Muslims fighting the Romans after the victory over their common enemy is something I don't know about and would have to ask the Sheikh for commentary.

Please add your commentary also. It will be interesting to know your thoughts about this. Thank you for visiting and posting on this website.

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