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NEWS DIGEST: Sorrowful Stories from Gaza!

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NEWS DIGEST: Sorrowful Stories from Gaza!

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“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back), because they are ; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right, (for no cause) except that they say, our Lord is God”. (22:39-40)

Baba Stop Sobbing

Baba habibi
Don’t hide your eyes in pain
Don’t bow your head down in sorrow
Lift it up, hold it high
look up, look up
You may see my grin and twinkly eyes


Baba, I kiss your heart, stop sobbing, don’t cry

If you could see me now
You would wipe your tears
and jump of joy
Now, I go to bed with no fear
No longer do I need to block my ears to sleep
No longer do I wet my bed at night
Up there, where I now reside
No F16 fly above
No drones, no gas, no smoke
No bombs fall from sky
Only the face of Most loving
Angels humming
Stars shimmering
and dancing butterflies


Cinderella Palestine

Mama, habibti mama
When you hold me in your arms
Don’t you cry
Hold your tears,  show me your smile
Where I am now, there are no bombs
No bullets shooting, no guns
No more fear and no more pain
All quiet and serene
Mama, habibti mama
When you search where my room once was
If you find my Eid dress
Never to be worn, for I am gone
Don’t be sad, for I am really fine
When you kiss my favourite pink shoes
Don’t cry, the stains on them
My shoes in heaven are rainbow and clean
I can put them on all by myself, now
Then I jump, I float and fly
Mama, habibti mama
If you find baba, when dust and smoke settles down
Tell him not to cry
Hold his hand and say: “your daughter is fine”
Her translucent wings are made of stars
Her dress has no blood stains, no more
Silk with sparkles, her favourite colours, pink, lilac and azure
Mama, habibti mama
When someone gives you my baby brother’s shoes
Don’t let your tears run down
In Heaven he runs, joyous, all smiles
No more fear and no more pain
All quiet and serene
He holds my hand as we hover around
The Throne of the Most Loving Most Kind

view with the even more horrendous Holocaust being inflicted upon Gaza’s Palestinians. The keys that many elderly Palestinians still keep is symbolic. Their homes may no longer be there, demolished and replaced by Jewish Filth, but their keys are the keys to their Heart and Soul, which is their ancestral homeland of Palestine- a key the Jews will never take or own

I want to tell the world- video


Loss of a child is traumatic but one big difference here is that the Jews deliberately target Palestinian Children deliberately target civilian homes, execute entire families whereas the rockets from Hamas land randomly with no specific target. Palestinian Children are not seen as Human beings at all by the Jews but as an existential threat to the Israeli entity, as do Palestinian women.

Israeli Killing machine has Holocausted Gaza, killing over 70 ENTIRE families deliberately and not only that, they Steal from the dead,  incinerate their bodies, execute hundreds, and demolish 12 storey flats, schools, Universities, Clinics, mosques, hospitals, fire stations, Power plants, water Plants, Farms, Agricultural Land,  Fishing boats, Ambulances,  motor cycles, and even animals are not spared , nor cemeteries. Do you really think I care about one Israeli child who was NOT deliberately targeted when I SEE what the Jews have done to Palestinians in Gaza and the west Bank- a father devastated at the sight of his toddler’s head half blown off, another father carrying the dead body of what was left of his child in a plastic bag, or boys shot several times playing football or another kidnapped, tortured and burnt alive or others being beaten senseless by Israeli forces, breaking their limbs deliberately, sodomising, raping, torturing  children in prisons where there are well over 500 children- but hey- the ZIONIST West is now outraged at the collateral death of an Israeli child- after all a Jewish fingernail is worth a million Palestinians.

Israel’s Adult citizenry from 17 onwards are trained soldiers, many are Reservists and thus belong to the Israeli death Offence Forces.

Israel , a Nuclear State armed with state of the art weaponry, Killing Machines, Chemical and Biological lethal Weapons, that its Army, Navy and Airforce have full access to and their rabid Settlers are also fully armed as they too serve in the Israeli Death forces

Israelis fill their children with racism, putrid hatred, indoctrinate them at a very young age, teach them to use Weapons, to verbally attack Palestinians whom they are instructed by their rabid Rabbis are not Human beings at all, but are animals, cattle, beings created to serve the Jew and that Palestinian Arabs can be Genocided to serve the Talmudic Zionist Cause.



In the civilised world we were led to believe that children are our most precious assets. In a society ravaged by hatred children are merely moving creatures that can be killed by either side.
·         ====================================
·         Israel dropping my leaflets telling ordering Palestinians to leave their buildings but they have nowhere to go, nowhere is safe, inside or outside.
·         Israel bombs Gaza 12-story tower


Now if this were to happen (daily} }n somewhere like say Tel Aviv, then I'm sure you'd get to hear about it,...over and over and over again.
Now can you imagine this happening in your neighborhood?
[notice how this building hit by an air strike  does NOT collapse into its own footprint!- reminded me of the 9/11 wtc tower]
Chris Hedges: What Israel Has Become: Dropping 1,000 LB Fragmentation Bombs on People Living in Concrete Hovels
As War continues, Displaced residents  at U.N schools are suffering The war continues for more than a month now, innocent people are being killed , houses bombed, and people are taking United Nations schools as a shelter. For that it’s the only place they can stay at. This war is the longest...
Sorrowful stories from Gaza “I’m talking to you and I’m expecting to be bombed at any single moment . You can’t imagine how horrible our life is now” says 19-year-old  Areeg Hammouda from Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza , a place where most of the bombs are targeting civilians . “Bombs are...

Starve or surrender: Cut off all food and water to Gaza, says Israeli general

Israeli Major-General Giora Eiland has urged that all food and water be cut off to Gaza’s nearly 1.8 million Palestinian residents – a major war crime and precisely the “starve or surrender” policy which the United States has condemned when used in Syria.
Webmaster's Commentary: Back in 1948, the Soviet Union blockaded the highway that connected West Berlin with West Germany. Their goal was to starve the West Berliners into abandoning their own government and accepting Soviet rule through the proxy of East Germany. Then too, the strategy was :surrender or die." The world responded to this crime by mounting the Berlin Airlift, which for over a year flew in food, medicine, and other needed supplies to keep West Berlin alive until the Soviet Union relented and allowed the highway to reopen.
Why are we not seeing the same response when Israel does the same thing to Gaza?

‘Israel may launch new ground incursion into Gaza’

Israeli Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch has warned that the Tel Aviv regime will likely begin a fresh ground incursion into the besieged G
aza Strip.
·         Hamas fires 100s of rockets at Israel
I do wonder just how many of these rockets are actually fired by Hamas or whether they are fired by Israeli agents who then would allege Hamas broke the ceasefire or that these rockets were fired from UNRWA schools, hospitals etc, thus giving Israel its ‘justification’ to target Palestinian schools and hospitals

Israel Retracts False Claim Regarding Alleged Hamas Rocket Base

Israeli officials retracted this morning their earlier claim on Friday that the rocket that killed a four-year-old child in Southern Israel was launched from an UNRWA school in the Gaza Strip.
The Israeli news reports that the rocket was launched from an UNRWA school were false. The same media outlets that rushed to report the incident without seeking confirmation from UNRWA are required and called upon to also report the Israeli army retraction. We also call on Israeli military spokespersons and other official sources to ensure the accuracy of their facts before going public.
Hamas signs Palestinian application for ICC membership:
Hamas has signed a proposal for the Palestinians to apply to join the International Criminal Court at which legal action could be taken against Israel, a senior official of the movement said Saturday.
Gaza, Essentialism and Jewish History
 By Gilad Atzmon
Righteous progressive Jews suffocate the discourse with tons of anecdotal details in order to conceal the Jewish ideology at the core of the crimes committed by the Jewish State.

With much to hide, Israel is running scared

It seems that Israel will not be cooperating with a panel set up by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to investigate possible war crimes committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s Foreign Ministry is bitterly critical of the probe and the panel, claiming that the findings of UNHRC’s investigations are predetermined, while the prime minister and the foreign minister announced that UNHRC long ago became the ‘Terrorists Rights Council’ and a ‘kangaroo court’.
The Israeli position towards UNHRC is not surprising considering the UN body has found Israel guilty in the past.

US And Israel Justifying Heinous War Crimes

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Center for Constitutional Rights, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Arab Lawyers Union, and American Association of Jurists (Asociacion Americana de Juristas) sent a letter on Friday to Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging her to initiate an investigation of war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity committed by Israeli leaders and aided and abetted by U.S. officials in Gaza. Under the Rome Statute, the ICC has the power to hold individuals criminally accountable for the most serious of crimes.

Falk: US Limits Ability of UN To Hold Israel Accountable for War Crimes


National Lawyers Guild, Urge International Criminal Court to Investigate War Crimes by Israeli, U.S. Leaders
 By Marjorie Cohn
The letter lists the following war crimes, and cites supporting factual allegations for each crime.
Posted: 23 Aug 2014 02:31 PM PDT
Written by Ben Makuch Editor, Canada
The shock and awe of Israeli military technology might be happening thousands of miles from North America, in Gaza, but Canadians shouldn’t feel too left out. A government report shows some of that military hardware could very well be Canadian made .It’s no secret the American government offers up military support to the Israelis, even in the face of their controversial war with Hamas in Gaza. But after The Intercept cast light on the wider Five Eyes involvement with the Israelis, the previously unknown Canadian support for the IDF was exposed.
 And the Canadian contributions to the embattled Israeli government have gone beyond signals intelligence and into the realm of physical reinforcements.
According to the latest released Foreign Affairs department report on the lawful export of Canadian military-grade products, shipments to Israel between 2010 and 2011 amount to over $6.3 million worth of equipment. The report says gear classified under automatic rifles and their components, military training simulators, bombs, torpedoes, and unmanned aerial vehicles, were all potentially sold to the Israelis.
It’s worth noting the Canadian government didn’t provide the military technology from its own stock. But it approved the shipping of millions of dollars worth of gear from Canadian contractors. These types of sales are subject to strict arms control laws and international treaties.
The big ticket items in both years appear to be “Software” and “Technology” designated military exports, along with some naval gear. In 2010, the Israelis purchased $814,666 worth of unnamed Canadian software, with another, larger purchase, amounting to $2,626,245 in 2011.
The vaguely designated “Technology” procured from 2010 to 2011 amounted to close to $3.5 million.
And that’s not all the military gear shipped from Canada to the lone Jewish state in the Middle East.
Israel also purchased over $500,000 worth of Canadian products classified as, “Bombs, torpedoes, rockets, missiles, other explosive devices and charges, and related equipment and accessories specially designed for military use.”
But the numbers in the Foreign Affairs report only tell part of the story.
Another little-known government report from Industry Canada shows ammunition sales to Israel spiking from 2010 to 2013.
Under a similar designation as the Foreign Affairs report, Canadian domestic exports of “Other ammunition,” which includes “Bombs, Grenades, Torpedoes, Mines,” went from just over $50,000 in 2010 to $1.8 million in 2013, and was among the top 25 product exports to Israel from Canada cited online by the government. It’s possible these “bombs” and assorted explosives in both lists could be crowd-control offensive weapons like flash-bang grenades, and other non-lethal materials.
The Foreign Affairs report also suggests drones or smaller aircraft components, which have taken up an almost cultural spectre for Palestinians as buzzing eyes in the sky, might’ve been purchased from Canadian contractors.
 Under the 2-10 description in the Foreign Affairs report, which includes “aircraft, lighter-than-air vehicles” and “unmanned airborne vehicles,” the Israelis purchased over $600,000 of unknown equipment.
Unfortunately the Foreign Affairs and Industry Canada reports both provide unspecific weapons classifications under vague code numbers like “2-14,” “2-9,” or “930690” with accompanying imprecise descriptions. That means knowing exactly what kind of materials were sold to Israel is a relative guessing game.
We do know that shadowy defence contractors like SNC Lavalin (known to have unsavoury international relationships), and CAE have done extensive business with the Israelis before. …………………………………………’
 See more at: Source    

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