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Rabbi Lerner: Hamas is a friend of Netanyahu

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Rabbi Lerner: Hamas is a friend of Netanyahu

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Rabbi Michael Lerner wrote on July 16, 2014: “Hamas is “objectively even if not subjectively” the best friend of the Israeli settlers, right-wing Israeli extremists, and the Netanyahu government.

Then he gives his Talmudic anti-Goyim advice to Hamas: “Stop the attempts to bomb Israel.  These acts are immoral, ineffective, and counter-productive toward the only legitimate goal: peace and openhearted reconciliation among the people of the region.”


Rabbi needs to come out of his Zionist closet and study the history of Zionism from some objective source. When he does, he will be surprised to learn that Israel was established on Arab lands by the European Jewish terrorists. Hamas and all the rest of Palestinian groups took arms against the Jewish occupiers after all peaceful means failed. Waging armed resistance against the occupier forces is not “immoral”, it has been part of Jewish history – and even is allowed under international law.

Armed resistance is never “counter-productive”. In fact, it’s the only language the oppressors understand. Hamas has already proved it by rejecting UK-Egyptian pro-Israel ceasefire offer on Tuesday. The proposal was drafted by the war-criminal Tony Blair, former UK prime minister who joined Israel’s proxy war on Iraq in 2003, for the Crypto-Jew Egyptian military dictator Gen. Fattah el-Sisi.

The extremists in Hamas, like the rogue band of criminals who murdered three Israeli youth, have succeeded in their goal: to create fear among Israelis that leads them to rally to those racists who wish to punish the entire Palestinian people for the actions of a few,” wrote Lerner.

My dear rabbi, according to Israeli media, those three Israeli Jews were already dead before Israeli regime accused Hamas of abducting them and lying to Jews and the rest of the world being alive in order to kill more innocent people in the occupied West Bank. And what about the 16-year-old Palestinian youth abducted and burned alive by six Jew thugs – and four Gaza kids killed by Israeli missile at the beach? Rabbi Lerner, doesn’t your conscience bothers you for the cold-blood killing of those five Muslim teenagers by your fellow Jews?

Israeli airstrikes on civilian targets during the last seven days have killed over 200 Palestinians and injury over 600, while Hamas rockets resulted in the death of one Israeli Jew by heart attack. So tell us Rabbi Lerner who are the barbarians?

Rabbi Michael Lerner is author and editor of Tikkun magazine. British Jewish writer and anti-Zionist blogger Paul Eisen met the rabbi once in London. Eisen says the rabbi reminded him of a kind of travelling snake-oil doctor.

Hamas wants to encourage those forces in Israel that will, through their repressive actions toward Palestinians, convince much of the rest of the world that Israel is an evil force that must be eliminated. In the short run, Hamas’ goal is to weaken the Palestinian Authority and to emerge as the champion of Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel’s immoral policies toward the Palestinian people. Hamas’s demands all seem quite reasonable to most Palestinians, and really make sense: free the newly arrested Palestinians who were doing nothing but sitting in their homes when Israeli troops invaded looking for the three kidnapped Israeli teens (a complete sham since the Israeli top leadership knew that those teens had already been murdered the very night they were kidnapped), stop the blockade of Gaza and allow Gazans access to the Mediterranean sea for fishing purposes, and end the targeted assassinations of Palestinians and the drone strikes that have caused an average of 2-3 children to die every week for the past eight years (something that most Israelis and most Americans don’t know or can’t grasp). This form of state terrorism is either ignored or excused away by many Israelis and by the media and therefore most people have no idea of how awful it is for Palestinians to live under these conditions,” wrote Rabbi Lerner which proves why Paul Eisen called him “snake-oil doctor”.

Rabbi Lerner, I’m sure you know fellow Jewish writer and author Lawrence Davidson. On July 17, he described the Israeli repetitively violent mindset, which is based on Jewish history, culture and religious racism.

Among the many rationalizations offered by Israeli leaders for their violent behavior is the assertion that the Arabs, and Palestinians in particular, “only understand force.” If you do not use force against them they interpret its absence as a sign of weakness and this only encourages them to stand against the Zionist state. This notion that Arabs only understand is one of the holdover stereotypes of a mostly, but obviously not completely, bygone age of imperialism,” says Davidson.

Like a typical Crypto Zionist Jew, Rabbi Lerner also wants Hamas not to retaliate Israeli aggression. I suggest Rabbi Lerner listen to Miko Peled’s (son of Gen. Matti Peled, Israel’s 1967 War hero) interview with RT below to find out why Hamas is fighting the Zionist regime.




#1 Rabbi Lernermaisoon 2014-08-29 22:20
I guess this Talmudic Rabbi does not consider it immoral that the Israeli entity has just obliterated half of Gaza

Does not consider it immoral that Israel has slaughtered nearly 2200 civilians, injured and maimed around 12000,creating a young population of paraplegics and blindness

Not immoral that around 567 of those deliberately butchered were children, and that includes babies in their mother's womb

Not immoral that nearly 300 killed were women.

Not immoral that Israel wiped out 91 entire Families, from Grandparents, parents to grandchildren,, Aunts, Uncles etc.

Not Immoral that Hospitals and Ambulances were also attacked along with Mosques, clinics, Schools, Universities, Power plants, factories, Water Plants, Fishing boats, Residential Blocks

Not immoral that Israel uses unknown deadly WMDS of a chemical and biological nature.

Not immoral that Israeli 'spectators’ were taking front row seats to watch the Israeli immoral Army, Navy, Air Force pulverise Gaza, their personal Military Fireworks display aimed at Human Beings rather than the Skies.

Not immoral that Israeli soldiers posted messages and Photos boasting about their Kills, one case in point, stating he had shot 13 children

Not immoral that Israelis print T Shirts making a sadistic Mockery of killing Palestinian women, pregnant women who they see as 2 targets, and of course the biggest sport for these sadistic psychopathic Jews, killing young children, a lust that they have, the smaller the target the better.

Not immoral that their Rabbis proclaim it is OK under Halachic 'Judaic' Law to commit Genocide for the greater good of Israelis.

Not immoral that for 7 years Gaza was turned into an open air concentration camp, a Gulag, surrounded and controlled all around, with very few supplies coming in or allowed to go out.

Not immoral that 1.8 million Palestinians were caged in, thousands lost their jobs, no income coming in to feed and support their families.

Not immoral that Israeli ships fire on Gazan Fishing boats who are restricted eve more than ever

Not immoral that Israel illegally attacked 2-3 Boats, killing 9 Turkish Humanitarian Supporters, injuring and beating up other passengers

Not immoral that Israel is a Nuclear armed State, wealthy on its own sale of Weaponry and supplied to the hilt by its Zionist Allies

Not immoral that Israel uses Gaza as a Testing Ground for its new Weapons of War, its Drone Killing Machines and other WMDS

Not Immoral that Israel trades in Human Organ Trafficking, Drug Smuggling, Money Laundering, Human Trafficking.[women for prostitution, children for their Organs]

Not Immoral that Israel interferes in the Foreign Affairs of other nations, using bullying, intimidation, blackmail techniques
Not Immoral that Israel was created through Terrorism, blackmail, intimidation and bribery

Not immoral that Israel continues its tradition of Terrorism and Assassinations of all its Political enemies and carries out False Flag terror attacks which it then blames Arabs and Muslims for

Not immoral that Israel and Zionism have bought most of Western Governments lock stock and barrel

Does not consider it immoral that Israel's Eretz Israeli Empire is still not finished yet as it expands into more Arab Lands, killing its way as it goes along, of course using its Agents/proxies.

Not immoral that the Jewish Talmud is a filthy book that is not religious in any shape or form and is not Divine in anyway, not the words or teachings of God.

Not immoral that Israelis and in fact most Western Jews see themselves as some kind of divine Superior Beings, viewing the rest of Humanity, the Goyim/Gentiles, as subhuman, Subservient created by their 'yahweh' to serve the Jews can usurp anything from Gentiles because Jews have the right to do so under their Talmudic belief system that is so blatantly racist and violent.

Rabbi Lerner would do well to go and 'LEARN' a few things such as Humility, humbleness, true faith and observance to God rather than Lucifer or their Supremacist Selves even.
He would do well to the LEARN the original ancient Judaic Torah religion of Moses rather than the concocted Talmudic one created by several arrogant racist and Devil worshipping rabbis who admit their Yahweh is Lucifer, their words, not mine

Finally, Lerner should go and LEARN TRUE History and see just how much tragedy the Jews have inflicted upon the world of Nations, even upon their own kind and the Corruption and Evil that is associated with their practices, their domination, control and intimidation due to their financial superiority based upon their corrupt usurious techniques and the absolute IMMORALITY of their Talmudic Beliefs and Zionist Ideologies that is an insult to common decency, moral/ethical Values and a greater insult to God.

Lerner is no different to the over 95% of Israelis who wish to Holocaust ALL Palestinians and kill as many other Arabs and Muslims as they can because they view Islam as the greatest threat to their Eretz Israeli ZIONIST Pagan Empire. It is OK and moral for Israel to bomb Gaza to smithereens
Lerner has as much understanding of the meaning of 'IMMORAL’ as Obama had of the word ‘Barbaric.’
They both should sit and see their own Ugly reflection in the blood stained Mirror that they see as their 'morality'

What is 'MORAL' to Zionists and Jews is in fact 'immoral' to MAJORITY of Gentiles as it goes against GOD's LAWS.

Justifiable RESISTANCE is seen as Terrorism by Jews.

But those who are occupied and oppressed see it as true Resistance for their ultimate goal, freedom from Israeli brutality and inhumanity.

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