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Obama to U.S. Jews: My administration has done more than any other to support Israel!!!

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U.S. President speaks before Union for Reform Judaism conference, stresses that U.S. support for Israel is ‘unshakeable.’

U.S. President Barack Obama gave the keynote address at the Union for Reform Judaism conference in Maryland on Friday, where he said that his administration has done more than any other to support Israel.

“It’s hard to remember a time when the [U.S.] administration gave more support to the security of Israel. Don’t let anyone to tell you otherwise. It’s a fact,” said Obama, who received a standing ovation and enthusiastic applause from the thousands of attendees at the conference.

Obama has come under persistent attack from Republicans heading into the 2012 election, who say he hasn’t done enough for Israel.

However, in Friday’s speech, Obama stressed his commitment to Israel and its security.

“We stand with Israel as a Jewish and democratic state,” he said. “America’s commitment and my commitment to the security of Israel is unshakeable.”

Obama said that the Israelis and the Palestinians must find a way to reach a peace agreement, and told those in the crowd, “I know that many of you share my frustrations from time to time.”

“But here is what I know,” Obama continued. “Peace can’t be imposed from the outside. Ultimately, Israelis and the Palestinians have to reach agreements on issues that divide them.”

Obama also reiterated that the U.S. is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and that no options are off the table.

“We have imposed the most comprehensive, the hardest-hitting sanctions that the Iranian regime has ever faced,” Obama said.

“We haven’t just talked about it, we have done it. And we’re going to keep up the pressure. And that’s why, rest assured, we will take no options off the table. We have been clear.”

Right before his speech, Obama met with Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that in the 30 minute-long meeting, the two discussed regional issues and the challenges facing the Middle East, the United States and Israel.

Barak thanked Obama for strengthening the security ties between Israel and the United States during his term.


S Saboor
#1 S Saboor 2011-12-18 13:41
Exactly, he is a paid puppet of the same Jewish establishment that led him to assume power in the first place. Essentially, "Rothchild's Choice," so to speak. No president in America gets to that office, without being a paid lackey of Zionist interests. Israel controls America's politics.
-1 #2 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-18 14:16

The biggest enemy of humanity and of the world is the West and its Jewish Octopus with its tentacles in far-away China, India, Russia and the entire so-called West and its bastard children South Africa and Israel and trying to grab as much of the Muslim lands, steal as much resources, enslave as many people they can, and exterminate as many people they wanted according to a very well known agenda.


What is the West? It used to denote a certain geographical region established mainly by White Christian European Racists and Supremacists. Today, it means exclusively the most murderous ideology of all times which operated under various names and carried out the most horrendous inhuman atrocities of history under various names and with the help of a Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship Organisation known as the United Nations. We have seen in action Greek, Roman, Catholic, Protestant and Christian Orthodox imperialism, colonialism, racism, slave trade, ancient and Modern Crusades, Inquisitions, witch hunts, so-called enlightenment, Freemasonry, French, American and Russian Revolutions, Secularism (and French laïcité), Socialism, Communism, Neo-Darwinism, Humanism, Liberalism, Zionism, Nazism, Bolshevism, Democracy, and now, the New World Order.


These so-called Western Values are abominations of the worst kinds that accompany the New World Order global war and intellectual terrorism campaigns, namely:

Institutionalised racism, prostitution, bestiality, child abuse, paedophilia, homosexuality, abortion, adult and child pornography, gambling, licit and illicit drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes), embargoes, economic sanctions, indiscriminate bombings of civilian populations and of ill-equipped military that is not at war with them, systematic destruction of other targeted countries’ achievements and infra-structures, particularly in Muslim countries, use of depleted uranium, phosphorus bombs and other weapons of mass destruction, mass rape, torture, illegal imprisonment, sadism, organ, sex slave and drug trafficking, genetically modified food, putting poisons in water, food and medicine, systematically attacking the genetic structure of life and of human beings, deadly vaccines, polluting the land, lakes, rivers and seas and the atmosphere, immoral way of life, modern slavery, and the list goes on and on.


The bulk of the Christians of the world have declared a global war of extermination of the Muslim and Arab populations, and their new religion in ZIONIST NEO-CHRISTIANITY. At their head we find the Vatican, all the Catholic Churches around the globe, a World Federation of Protestant Churches, all the Freemasonic Lodges and Secret Societies, the International Jewish Mafia, the Kosher Nostra and Apartheid Israel. To say that the criminal Jews are behind everything needs to be clarified.


The Jews are not leading the conspiracy but the Zionist Neo-Christians are, but they have placed the worst creatures of modern times, THE CRIMINAL JEWS, at the head of their Crusade for World Conquest and Hegemony, hoping probably to exterminate the Jews once the job is done.

While it would be right to claim that the criminal Jews are the main movers and shakers, it must also be stressed that there are others BEHIND them, an Elite composed of the European Royals, the usurious Bank Gangsters most of whom are Jews, the Vatican (with at least two Zionist Popes), Freemasonry (led by Jews), the Biggest Corporations, tax-exempted Foundations and Philantropic Organisations (most of which are Jewish run, owned or controlled), the Military Industrial Complex, the Secret Services and Societies, and of course the UN.

Jewish power and Supremacism have been made possible only because the Neo-Christians and the City of London of the United Kingdom of Judah gave it to them as those Jews constitute their best and most ruthless and merciless killing machinery and the most perverse one for a specific purpose: to make Neo-Christianity (which has nothing to do with Christ or Orthodox Christianity) the main (or only) religion in the world with its head quarters in Jerusalem, in actual occupied Palestine, and under UN control for the rest of the world.


But, the New World Order cannot win unless they successfully wage a war on the human mind and consciousness. And this is being achieved more or less successfully as we see that no matter what they do they are never held accountable and people tend to go along with them. They have committed the most atrocious genocide and mutilations of human beings, yet the people are unable, incapacitated to rise up and say enough is enough. Their religions and beliefs in GOD are totally useless. Their God is powerless and therefore useless too!

Sunday 18th of December 2011
#3 spktruth200 2011-12-18 14:55
OMG let me puke now!what a travesty and waste of a brilliant mind a constitutionally trained professor who can state these things publicly is nothing but a flip flopper like all republicans and majority of house and senate...they drank the israelie tea, and it simply proves Israel is in control of the US, UK, France, Germany governments...They are ruling the world with Fed Reserve, World Bank, IMF, etc...all zionist banksters, why cant the world see that. Or maybe Obama does no, but knows what happened to JFK and others who tried to reign them is we the people to must vote out of office every zionist, that should be a litmus test for a politican seeking office.
-1 #4 B.A.FrémauxSoormally 2011-12-18 15:46
"Obama has come under persistent attack from Republicans heading into the 2012 election, who say he hasn’t done enough for Israel."

This is just a show for the public, a circus, as the entire agenda is already set by the ILLEGAL American Zionist Council AIPAC and the vocal Republicans including the Zionist puppet Obama are mere buffoons, clowns playing their part as instructed!

DO you remember how the American Zionist Council carried out the murder of JFK because they were given an ultimatum by RFK to register or be outlawed because they were a foreign agency bribing and blackmailing US officials and politicians?

Jazz Muhamad
#5 Awesome!Jazz Muhamad 2013-05-21 14:17
It's nice to hear that the president supports Israel. The only true democracy in that hell hole they call the middle east. I like seeing him come out and be vocal about our support. Our support for those great heroic people can never waver. They are truly the first line of defense against terrorism and global jihad. Excellent article.
#6 Obama a disgrace!Nashid 2014-07-11 18:39
I hope your post was sarcastic Jazz Muhammad, if indeed that is your name. It is shameful to see Obama in such a servile position to the Jews. The Jews are smiling and calling him the first "Jewish President". They are happy with his groveling support for them and their oppression of the Palestinians. They are his masters and it makes them happy to be able to control any American president regardless of skin color. Obama is truly a shame and a disgrace to humanity and the cause of justice.
Ahmed El-Meadawy
#7 Dr.Ahmed El-Meadawy 2017-12-04 09:55
The Zionist Imperial Plan for the Entire World!!!

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